8 Sure-Fire Signs You Have a Past Life Connection (Truth Revealed!)

Ready to discover the real signs of a past life connection?

Ready to discover the real signs of a past life connection?

It’s possible your current life might not be the first time you have made a journey across this earth.

Most of us have many past lives, and in each one there were significant relationships.

It’s also highly likely that you will meet those past life connections in your current life.

Maybe a past life lover wanders into your life path, or a connected soul pops up.

No matter who they are, they were a part of another one of your lives, and they are back again.

Their return is a good indication that you have unfinished business together or they have a lesson they need to teach you.

How do you know you have met someone from a past life?

Read on to discover the truth!

– Updated 10/11/2019

8 Real Signs You Were Connected in a Previous Lifetime

1) Deep Connection Right from The Start

Feeling an intense connection right when you meet someone is usually a sign of a past life connection.

We typically need to take some time to get to know someone to feel like there is a connection but that isn’t the case when we meet someone from a past life.

You immediately feel a tie to this person.

You might not fully understand why this connection exists or where it’s coming from, but it’s there, and you can’t deny it.

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2) Immediate Dislike

You won’t always cross paths with people from your past that you liked.

It’s very likely that you will come across an enemy on your current journey.

You might meet someone and have an immediate dislike towards them.

It might feel odd, or you might feel guilty because you don’t know anything about this person, but, you do.

Your past troubled relationship lingers in your mind, and you subconsciously remember it.

This repulsion is another known sign you were linked in a previous life and an indicator of likely future disagreements.

3) Flashbacks

If you experience flashbacks while with someone, you may have known them in a past life.

If you experience flashbacks while with someone, you may have known them in a past life.

Perhaps you have flashbacks of your past life when you are with this person.

Maybe you see a very specific time of your past life with this individual, or you have a shared memory that you can’t quite explain.

These could be indications of a past connection.

4) Shared Interests

When you meet a new person, it isn’t uncommon to learn about a few shared interests.

But if suddenly, you have an uncanny amount of common ground that might be a sure-fire sign of knowing the person from another lifetime.

The two of you have built up shared interests in your past life, and that translates over into your current one.

This also means you have a natural rapport with each other and it could feel like you’re picking up right where you left off.

5) Strong Connection Even When You Are Apart

When you have had a relationship with someone in a past life and meet them again, your bond grows even stronger.

This person means something to you and is there in your lives for a reason.

Yet if you are apart from each other, you feel a close bond that goes even beyond a spiritual connection with someone.

It’s like nothing could ever separate the two of you, not even time.

6) Can’t Hide Your Emotions

Do you feel like you want to spill your secrets the moment you get around someone?

Not being able to hide your real emotions is another sign that you have a strong connection with another person.

It might mean that you are an open book with them or they can just read you without you saying a word.

When it’s hard to hide your feeling like this it can be helpful to know how to recognize a person from your past life.

This video will help you with that:

7) You Know Their Quirks

Sure, we all get to know the unique traits of people after they are in our lives for a long time.

But when you can anticipate the habits of someone you just met right away, that is a real indicator of knowing each other in different life.

8) There Is Ease in Your Relationship

When you have known someone in past lives, you don’t need to spend a lot of time establishing a firm foundation.

You might feel like there is minimal work at all because you have already done that previously.

This time around there is only ease in the relationship, and you can focus on the reason they are back in your current life.

No matter if you have had a tarot reading that showed a past life connection or your horoscope indicates someone from your past might cross your path soon if you feel any of these signs you might have a cosmic bond on your hands.

Think of these people as your spirit guides back to finish the work they started previously.

Be open to their lessons and grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with them.