The 9 Most Haunted Roads In Northern Florida

There are many creepy and haunted places throughout Florida – and the country – but these ghastly spirits and evil creatures can be found lurking on the roadside and lying in wait for anyone unlucky enough to stumble into their dark lairs, in Northern Florida.

The 9 Most Haunted Roads In Northern Florida

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Updated 2/10/2020 – You might think that you’re safe driving by, but who’s to say that these nefarious entities won’t take their toll if you dare to cross their paths?

Pray if you must, but be sure to keep your wits about you as these streets, roads and boulevards promise to show you that anyone is fair game – even the most devout.

The 9 Most Haunted Roads In Northern Florida

9) Creepy Half and Half Man – Stephens St, Perry

Some say Stephens St. in Perry, Florida has been changing over the years. Long time residents can't quite put their fingers on it, but it's just becoming... more... evil?

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Some say that there’s a tortured soul haunting Stephens Street, who died in a terrible accident at the nearby Sawmill.

What’s worse is that he appears in two pieces.

A local advises that you’ll see his legs stumbling along the road, trying to find the upper body, which is usually seen further down the road, dragging itself along.

One older resident told of how he was coming home from a night out with the boys, when he saw the upper body first.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the apparition alternate from dragging and hopping along – using the arms to propel himself forward – like he was trying to escape.

8) Homeless Junkie Ghost on W Virginia St – Tallahassee

West Virginia St in Tellahassee Florida seems like a normal road in a normal community, until dark arrives.

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Locals say that they have trouble with a certain gang of troublemakers in this area, but the surprising part of this story is that the ghost of a homeless junkie keeps them at bay.

The problem is, this nasty spirit has issues with anyone it comes into contact with.

You’ll smell his rotten breath before you see him.

He likes to keep the area to himself and if you trespass, he’ll do his best to push you into oncoming traffic.

Witnesses say that they felt his bony hands grabbing at their clothes and then shoving them roughly when a vehicle approaches.

Needless to say, try not to get out of your car in this area.

7) Drowning Woman on Lewis Turner Blvd – Fort Walton Beach

Lewis Turner Boulevard in Fort Walkon Beach, Florida can lead you to great terror.

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This creepy entity will be hiding in the bushes, so if you like freaking yourself out, slow down when you’re travelling along Lewis Turner Blvd.

Believed to be a victim of drowning, this terrifying woman appears to be dripping wet like she just hoisted herself out of the water.

Several witnesses reported feeling so depressed after seeing this ghost that they’ve stopped their cars and then tried to break into the Okaloosa County Water system, before security guards intervened.

You can apparently hear her cackling and prompting you to “End it all!” until you snap out of it.

6) Suicide Girl on County Hwy 181 E – Defuniak Springs

Country Hwy 181, in particular, is home to numerous spirits and specters, among them are the most evil in all of Florida.

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A long time ago, there was a teenage girl who was so distraught over her boyfriend ditching her for another girl, she threw herself in front of a large truck and was killed instantly.

Travelers have reported seeing a crooked apparition of a young girl limping along the road, trying to hitch a ride.

She is said to be like a small, black mass at first – who then quickly grows in size – staring with wide, blue eyes.

One driver said he was horrified to see her limbs in constant flux – moving around like they’re trying to find the right position.

“She looked like an evil, black, Rubix cube – shifting and clicking.

It was terrifying!”

5) Ghost playing Chicken on Century Blvd – McDavid

Century Blvd in McDavid is not the type of place you want your car to break down in Florida.

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Driving along Century Blvd might be kind of boring to anyone not interested in the wide open road lined with beautiful trees, but they would be sure to change their mind if they come across the specter who plays chicken with the oncoming traffic.

It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night.

His main goal is to cause accidents.

Your natural impulse will be to swerve, as it’s hard to tell if he’s a real person or a ghost.

Some say that if you get close enough to see his faceless grin – like a nightmarish skull smiling through the tattered flesh – you’re already dead.

4) Evil Forest Sprites on National Forest Rd – Bristol

Bristol is home to a National Forest Road that has been home to numerous hauntings over the decades.

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If you drive past the edges of the Apalachicola National Forest, especially as darkness descends, you might see the demonic forest sprites peering out from the trees.

Locals advise that they are ancient spirits affiliated with nature, but they are far from pleasant.

As a matter of fact, they’ll do anything to protect the forest.

Many say that to cross their path is to open yourself to possession and madness.

A witness reports of a friend who decided to go for a midnight hike.

When he returned, he looked like someone else and was screaming incoherently.

It took months for him to finally return to normal, although his memory of that night is still a mystery.

3) Spirit of a Dead Convict on Co Rd 69 – Blountstown

Country Road 69 in Blountstown, Florida has a very heavy vibe to it.

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Considered to be an escapee from the local correctional institution, this menacing spirit will suddenly appear in your rear view mirror – sitting in the back seat with an evil grin on his monstrous face.

One visitor said that she saw him in her back seat, gnashing his teeth so hard that she could hear the broken bones.

She nearly drove head-first into oncoming traffic, but when she jumped out of the car, he was nowhere to be seen.

Locals say that they don’t know who he is, but his only motivation is to scare the living hell out of anyone driving by.

If you find strange bone pieces on the floor of your car, be thankful that he spared your life.

2) Vengeful Golfer at Solomon Dairy Rd – Quincy

Solomon Dairy Road in Quincy, FL has two combative spirits, as well.

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It is believed that a man golfing at the nearby golf course was struck by lightning many years ago and he died on the spot.

Locals say that if you see a glowing apparition on Solomon Dairy Road, stop your car and find an alternate route.

The golfer is still seeking revenge, as he died believing that someone shot him.

One visitor told of the night he saw the vengeful golfer, glowing brightly on the side of the road.

When he slowed down to check it out, he saw a bolt of lightning shoot out and hit the car.

When the apparition zoomed up to the windshield – screeching like something unholy – he put his foot down and never went back.

1) Cannibal Demoness at Picnic St – Bronson

Picnic St in Bronson, Florida is haunted beyond belief.

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It might sound like a pleasant enough area, but there’s rumored to be a demoness of unknown origin lurking around this street.

What’s worse is that she likes sinking her jagged teeth into unsuspecting victims – especially if they’re young.

Some say that she was a witch who was killed many years ago, who is now seeking revenge.

One visitor reported that she still has the scars to prove it, after she saw the blood-red eyes of the dark apparition one night.

She said she’ll never forget the rancid stench of bitter herbs and the excited breath of the cannibal demoness as she sunk her teeth into her shoulder.