Haunted Brea: Lost Souls Spotted on Carbon Canyon Road

Like most state highways, Carbon Canyon Road, located near Brea, California, has had its share of accidents.

Unlike other highways, souls lost on Carbon Canyon Road never leave.

Carbon Canyon Road is part of the California Freeway System, and is also known as California State Highway 142.

Haunted Brea: Lost Souls Spotted on Carbon Canyon Road

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Updated 2/10/2020 – It is eligible for the State Scenic Highway System, but the California Department of Transportation has not included it.

Perhaps the ghosts that haunt this stretch are too disturbing for most tourists.

Blood Spilled in Brea

The ghosts that haunt Carbon Canyon Road have been described by some witnesses, as bloody and decomposing.

Many drivers have seen a woman staring at the water near Brea.

They describe her as a forlorn woman in a red dress.

Those who have gotten a better look say she has matted hair and blood all over her arms and clothing.

Only a few people have ever seen her up close, including a couple resident psychics, and even fewer will talk about it.

Those who have managed to speak about her face say that after you look into her empty eye sockets, you’ll never be the same.

Some even call her “Empty Eyes” for this very reason.

It’s unsure why this ghost haunts the water on this particular stretch of road.

Some witnesses believe she murdered her husband’s lover, tied rocks to the woman’s ankles, and submerged the body.

Visitors to Carbon Canyon Road report seeing a bloody female ghost named "Empty Eyes" walking along the roadside...

Photo credit: deviantart/navate

When she went to leave the crime scene, her car spun out of control on one of the road’s many sharp turns, and her body and spirit were lost to Carbon Canyon Road as well.

Now she is forced to haunt the road where she died, looking over her own crime scene and never being able to find rest, inner peace, or forgiveness for her husband, his lover, or herself.

Other Spirits that Haunt the Highway

On the darkest nights in the dead of winter, Carbon Canyon Road is littered with lost souls.

Some, like the woman, are covered in blood and bear obvious signs of their demise.

According to a psychic medium living the area, others are less obvious and more unnerving.

The spirit of a man who died on Carbon Canyon Road is commonly seen around midnight.

A local woman who was driving home alone from Chino Hills late saw a man walking along the highway at 1am.

She was shocked when she noticed him, as he was wearing no light or deflectors, which is uncharacteristic of most people who understand the dangers of walking alone down a freeway at night.

It was freezing cold and he wasn’t even wearing a jacket.

She ignored it at the time, but now she refuses to drive that stretch of road alone at night.

Other witnesses have seen a ghostly police officer patrolling the road, only to find later that he wasn’t assigned to any station near Brea.