The 7 Best Waterfall Hikes in Florida to See a Ghost

While many people flock to Florida each year for the sandy beaches, there are some that travel to this state in order to explore its many waterfall hikes.

While there are many places scattered around the United States that have hiking trails that run parallel to a waterfall.

What makes these seven trails in Florida so unique is the paranormal activity that tends to occur in each location.

The 7 Best Waterfall Hikes in Florida to See a Ghost

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Updated 2/10/2020 – So if you or a friend has a penchant for the paranormal, you won’t want to miss these spookily beautiful and beautifully spooky nature trails.

7 Haunted Florida Waterfall Hikes That Will Make You Scream

7) Falling Waters State Park – Chipley

Falling Waters State Park – Chipley

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For those who are unnerved by sink holes, this park may not be the right choice for you.

Dodge the sink holes as you follow the trail to a beautiful waterfall.

Just be careful not to get too close.

Recently, a group of tourists visited the waterfall.

One of the male members of the party decided to climb over the platform to touch the cool water.

His family claims that once he did so, phantom hands reached out for him and attempted to pull his head underneath the water to drown.

The man was, thankfully rescued.

He stated that once his skin made contact with the water, he heard the beautiful voice of a woman, beckoning him through.

6) Big Shoals State Park – White Springs

Big Shoals State Park – White Springs


Some of the best hiking trails with waterfalls are at Big Shoals State Park.

This park has both paved and dirt trails, depending on the activity.

Those who are interested in hunting down ghosts should take the trail that follows the Suwannee River.

Rumor has it that a little girl died on the trail when a mystery creature lunged at her and dragged her back into the foliage.

The creature had brown fur, but the girl’s family insist it was extremely fast and like nothing they had ever seen before in real life.

A local Tarot reader, gifted with psychic abilities, believes the entity to be demonic in nature.

5) Rainbow Springs – Dunnellon

Rainbow Springs - Dunnellon

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Rainbow Springs has some beautiful waterfall hikes to explore, as well as a natural spring pool that is known to be one of the most beautiful spots in the park.

Visitors have claimed that while tubing on the river through the park, they saw figures emerge out of the trees and watch them as they drifted with the current.

When a young man waved hello to one of the odd bystanders, the woman promptly reached into her dress, pulled out a knife and sliced it across her own throat.

A California psychic visited the waterfall in 2015 to investigate the paranormal activity.

She stated that the area is rife with residual hauntings due to the unnatural amount of deaths in the area.

4) Falling Creek Falls – Lake City

Falling Creek Falls – Lake City


While the waterfall of Falling Creek Falls may not be very tall, it is very wide—ideal for family photos.

Families will also enjoy the nearby playground and picnic tables.

Although those who spook easily may not wish to go…The ghost of a little girl has been seen at the playground.

She attempts to persuade anyone who agrees to play with her to disappear into the forest with her.

When a concerned parent, who is well-known within the community as a talented psychic, tried to touch her, the man was sent to the local hospital for third degree burns all over his flesh.

3) Devil’s Millhopper State Geological Site – Gainesville

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Simply put, some hikes with waterfalls are more treacherous than others.

The Devil’s Millhopper is said to be the home of a malevolent spirit who wears a heavy black hood over its face.

Starting sometime after June 6, 2006, ultralight backpackers have reported seeing this intimidating figure following them along the trailhead.

When one overly curious runner attempted to communicate with the figure, it is said that the entity pulled back its hood to reveal gray colored skin and a bloody mouth he tried to use to bite the jogger with.

The man was so terrified by what he witnessed, he developed multiple phobias, including alien abductions and encountering UFO’s.

2) Steinhatchee Falls – Steinhatchee

Steinhatchee Falls – Steinhatchee


Steinhatchee is a great place to visit for those who enjoy camping, fishing, and exploring dangerous waters.

Those who frequently visit refuse to go in the water at all, because of a strange cryptid, described as “looking like a hybrid”, that has been seen lurking in the water.

The half human part will grab at people’s ankles while they’re swimming…

…And the fish part will begin to eat you while you’re still alive, at the bottom of the lake.

1) Camp Branch Conservation Area – White Springs

Camp Branch Conservation Area – White Springs


Camp Branch offers swift moving rapids on their waterfall hikes—or nothing at all, depending on natural rain levels.

But when the water level is up, it has been known to come alive with supernatural activity.

Many reports of disembodied whispers have come in.

A few visitors have also seen robed figures standing in the woods, chanting in unison.

When you make eye contact with these individuals, blood has been known to ebb from their eyes.