Delano Hitchhiking Ghost: Evil Lurking On Browning Road

Delano, California is a small, uninteresting town that many may think twice before visiting.

East of this town is an equally dreary road known as Browning Road.

If you’re a paranormal enthusiast, you know that this is one road you shouldn’t dare travel alone.

Delano Hitchhiking Ghost: Evil Lurking On Browning Road


Updated 2/10/2020 – If this is news to you, know this: an evil hitchhiking ghost lurks here.

Origins of the Hitchhiking Ghost of Browning Road

The lonely stretch of road has become the permanent home of the spirit of a young lady who died there decades ago.

Locals are interested in real life haunted stories, and according to them this is no mere urban legend.

They say the lady was crossing Browning early in the morning when she was hit by a car and killed on the spot.

Locals insist it is haunted, and to prove it, the say, look no further than the roadside memorial.

As you drive down Browning you may notice the small memorial alongside the road.

Many believe it was placed there in memory of the woman who was killed, considering that her death is the only one that was reported there.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Are Often Harmless But This Is Different…

If you’re visiting Delano, CA don’t venture out on Browning Road on your own. This hitchhiking ghost isn’t as harmless as some of the other ghosts you’ve read about...

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If you’re visiting Delano, CA. don’t venture out on Browning Road on your own.

The Ghostly Hitchhiker isn’t as harmless as some of the other ghosts you’ve read about here.

Sure, a majority of travellers who spotted her said she appeared to hesitate as she crossed, as if reliving the day she was bound to the area forever.

However, she isn’t always as passive.

Angry at the fact that she lost her life early, she lashes out on those driving down this spooky road.

She’s been known to appear in the backseat of cars, terrorizing drivers or choking them until they lose control over their vehicles.

If you’re somehow lucky to literally escape her clutches, she may suddenly appear in front of you, causing you to swerve around her.

This can be dangerous if you’re driving fast, which is always a tempting possibility since the road’s usually empty.

And don’t try provoking her in any way.

Many of those who have attempted to get her attention are rumored to disappear for days.

When finally found, they are said to be in a state of shock and unable to stop screaming.

Paranormal Dangers

A couple of people who managed to escape an encounter with the hitchhiking ghost of Browning Road said that she chased their cars.

They reported that once she grabbed hold of the car, she crawled under the vehicle and began tearing out parts until it could no longer run.

As exciting as the thought of coming across hitchhiking ghosts may seem, don’t make the mistake of seeking this one.

A group of ghost hunters flashed their car’s headlights to attract her and were terrified when she appeared next to the driver’s window and clawed at them menacingly.

Another witness called her out mockingly as a bet only to discover her in the back seat, with her face close to his frightened girlfriend’s.

And there are many more stories.

Just don’t become the next one we write about.

Get Directions To The The Hitchhiking Ghost

So you’ve got courage and you want to see the ghost for yourself, huh?

Well then, Click Here To Get Directions To The Location Of The Hitchhiking Ghost On Browning Road.

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