They Say The Missing Children of Mount Hamilton Were Kidnapped by Cannibals

The Grandview Restaurant is located in Mount Hamilton, California.

This classy yet comfortable restaurant boasts a breathtaking view overlooking the city.

As it turns out, this magnificent view isn’t quite the only thing about the Grandview that’s breathtaking.

They Say The Missing Children of Mount Hamilton Were Kidnapped by Cannibals

The Scorching Past of Mount Hamilton

Updated 9/23/2019 – The history of the Grandview began back in 1884 when it was first built as a hotel.

This building burned down in 1942 and was rebuilt where it originally stood.

Then in 1954 the building was moved across the street where it again burned down in 1956.

Once they rebuilt, it was no longer the Grandview Hotel, but now the Grandview Restaurant.

This restaurant stays busy and live with music and laughter from the pleased customers.

But at night once the laughter and music has died down and people have gone, a spirit emerges to play.

The lights in the dining room will sometimes flicker on and off, followed by the kitchen and hall lights.

A smoky silhouette of a young girl is sometimes spotted on the balcony, then disappears.

Is it possible the ghost of a young girl has haunted the Grandview since its rebuild in 1956?

They Say The Missing Children of Mount Hamilton Were Kidnapped by Cannibals

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The locals will eagerly tell you the tale of how the Grandview gained its permanent young resident.

The story of a young girl that came up missing back in 1954, along with several other children.

The exact number of children missing was never confirmed and varies from each of the locals.

“Children!!  It’s getting dark, time to come home!!”

One particular girl was a town local that everyone knew and loved, locals believe she is the ghost.

According to the local lore, her eyes were an intense shade of green, that even as a spirit can be seen.

The story tells of children playing during dusk, through the calls to come home from their parents.

Only to never come home, or be found.

The tale surrounding the disappearances point the finger at Satanism and the occult.

Parents blamed a semi-local cult for having sacrificed the children, even suggesting cannibalism.

While there is no documented proof of the events, the empty beds were enough proof for parents.

With no evidence of any real fowl play the accusations went nowhere.

Everything began to die down with the rebuild and transformation of the Grandview.

Things in Mount Hamilton seemed to have come to a quiet rest, until one late autumn evening.

Witness’s begin noticing the lights turning on and off in the large dining room window.

Along with the lights came a dark silhouette with what appeared to be intense green eyes glowing.

Since then many people have witnessed lights turning on and off along with sightings of the ghostly girl.

Many people visit this historical spot for a chance to see the lights or the young bright eyed ghost.

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