The Wiccademous Grave Witch of Fernandina Beach

A long time ago, long before the building of the nearby high school in Fernandina Beach, Florida, the town seemed to encounter a social threat.

Legend has it that during the 1600s, a local girl was suspected of witchcraft.

Such accusations were taken very seriously during that time in American history.

The Wiccademous Grave Witch of Fernandina Beach

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True Florida Terror: The Wiccademous Grave Witch

The Legends and Stories of Fernandina Beach, Florida

Updated 2/10/2020 – The little girl was put on trial and quickly found guilty of unnatural practices and rituals.

Despite her young age, the girl was executed and is said to be buried off a little dirt path across the street from Fernandina Beach High School.

The girl’s story spread like wildfire, and everybody began to call the area where she is supposedly buried “Wiccademous Grave”.

As the legend was passed on from generation to generation, locals, mystics, and mediums, began to add more details to the tale.

Many were convinced the Wiccademous story was true, on account of the ground shaking beneath their feet whenever they would search for her grave.

This latest development seemed to seal the deal for most Fernandina residents—the witch girl had been real, and she continued to live on in wicked spirit.

Everyone seemed to believe except for former high school student, Mike.

“Since the supposed Wiccademous Grave is right across from the school, everyone in my classes knew about the legend,” he told us.

“Heck, even the teachers seemed to buy into it, telling us the story each year around Halloween.

“I thought it was ridiculous—especially when the history teachers started doing it!” Mike said, exasperated.

“I was never shy about vocalizing my opinion, telling people the truth…and one day a fellow classmate didn’t like what I had to say.

“He dared me to go there in the middle of the night and call out for the witch to come forward.

“I agreed, hoping that when nothing happened to me it would settle the matter, and Fernandina would stop raving about it,” he shrugged.

“So I left my parent’s house at midnight and drove to where the dirt path begins towards the Wiccademous Grave site.

“I followed the trail to the marker, which everyone seems to think is her headstone,” he added, rolling his eyes.

“I stood there for what felt like an hour, asking the witch to reveal herself to me and prove me wrong.

“I yelled, I pleaded, I danced around…really, the whole thing was pretty sad,” Mike laughed.

“I remember getting back in my car afterwards, feeling pretty pleased with myself.

“I drove the fifteen minutes back to my house and parked my car in its normal spot across the street.

“I was about to reach the wooden steps up to the porch when I noticed a young girl sitting on the steps in front of me.

Girl on the Porch

She looked at me with an innocent, yet sinister grin and we both knew that I had made a big mistake.

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“She had a dirty white dress on, and she peered at me with the most peculiar expression.

“The more I looked at her, the more I realized that her skin seemed to be flaking off her body, and there was definitely something unhealthy about her eyes.

“’Uh, can I help you?’ I asked.

‘You summoned me.’

“And she looked at me with the creepiest smile I have ever seen in my life.

“’Do you wish to die?’ she asked—but I was already running to my car, calling my parents on my cell phone.

“I don’t know if the story is still the same at Fernandina High or not…,” Mike shook his head.

“But the Wiccademous Witch is real, and she terrifies me.”

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