Sinister Ghost Will Invade Your Mind at the Ruins of the Old Arcadia Mill

During the 19th Century, the town of Milton centered around a mill.

The Arcadia Mill was water powered, and brought in a lot of commerce to the town at one point.

Over time, newly developed industrial technology made the mill obsolete.

Milton’s Haunted Ruins: The Arcadia Mill

Updated 2/10/2020 – It was abandoned and deteriorated over time.

Now archaeological ruins, the old mill is the center of a park, which has trails that meander through the ruins.

There’s also a museum that provides information about the mill and its historical significance within Milton.

After the museum was established, the occasional guest would speak up about feeling a spirit lurking by the ruins.

Rumors began to spread through town, and today many people believe the site is haunted.

Troy, a local entrepreneur, has always been rather fascinated by the spirit world.

“When I first relocated here, I didn’t know anybody.

Someone at work mentioned the ruins, but not in the context of it being haunted,” he recalled.

“I had been in the town for three months before I heard the park had a spooky side.

“I got excited, as dorky as that may sound,” he laughed.

“It was that very night when I decided to take an evening stroll in Arcadia Mill Park, sufficiently ready to creep myself out.

When I first arrived, everything felt relatively normal, not at all paranormally significant,” he shrugged.

Someone in the Distance

“I decided to use my phone to do some recording anyway.

I slowly explored along the trail until I finally saw the museum in the near distance.

Using the beam of my phone, I saw a tall figure walking in front of the museum.

“I knew that I had missed regular tour hours, but I was excited by the prospect of possibly running into an employee by the building.

I quickened my pace until I found myself walking up the path to the museum.


I called out, and walked around the building.

“I wondered if it was possible that someone could have gotten into their car and driven away so quickly…It hadn’t taken me that long to approach the building, maybe the span of ten seconds or so,” Troy speculated.

“And yet the person I had seen was nowhere to be found.

“As I walked around, I suddenly had this chill overcome me as I round the corner. It’s hard to explain,” Troy said, frowning.

“It just felt like there was an electric charge to the air around me.

‘Who’s there?’ I called out—just to see if anybody would answer.

The wind picked up, and all of the dead leaves on the ground rushed across the ground, making this eerie sound, like a thousand whispers.

Everything about the experience still gives me nightmares,” Troy whispered, staring at the ground.

“I got too spooked to continue with my investigation.

I hustled back to my car and hightailed it out of Milton.

I spend that night in a hotel in another county, and when I went to review my recordings, I heard the voice of a man cursing at me under the wind.”