Los Angeles: Sinister Lady In Black Haunts Hotel Alexandria

Once the heart of Los Angeles’ social hub in the 20th century… …it was THE luxury hotel before the Baltimore Hotel opened its doors.

However, what once welcomed Hollywood’s elite and political figures is now…

Los Angeles: Sinister Lady In Black Haunts Hotel Alexandria


A desolate building with figurative and literal ghosts.

Updated 2/10/2020 – From The Lady In Black to all of the other spirits staying here, it’s hard to believe this place is still standing.

There’s just something about old historic buildings.

It’s almost as if the spirits get stronger with time.

It’s like they find a way to multiply…

Or to simply become more evil.

Rudolph Valentino is one of the prominent spirits who once lived there and now haunts the hotel.

The old unit he used to check in to is a hub of paranormal activity which has been heard by guests residing in nearby rooms.

Some have even claimed feeling a weird vibe around the unit.

However, Hotel Alexandria is more famous because of an unidentified spirit who was witnessed for the first time after the hotel’s remodeling in the 1970s.

The Lady in Black has been spotted wearing a crown of barbed wire, with tears of blood running down her cheeks.

The ghost of Hotel Alexandria has tears of blood, a cross on her forehead, and she's covered in barbed wires. What does this mean?

Photo credit: tumblr/darkaart

Possibly in mourning, she’s mainly seen floating through the halls, searching for something or someone.

Spirits aside, this Los Angeles hotel is scary in its own right.

Some former guests have been terrified by the elevators, which they believe have a mind of their own.

The elevators would take them to floors they wanted them to go to, including the most haunted 9h floor or the empty ballroom.

Some guests claimed feeling unease as the elevator would just open up like it was waiting for them even though no one called it.

Someone even wrote, “…I have been living here for a while now and always sensed and felt a weird vibe in this building.

It’s hard to explain but things just didn’t seem right here.

This building has a lot of definite negative energy as well as a long and vicious and troubled past.

I looked it up and found out some pretty unsettling things that have happened here.

So it is easy to see why extra spirits and guest would be hanging around.”

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