Want To Be Terrified? Visit This Haunted Arcadia Intersection

Arcadia is the sort of town one would not associate with the darkness of stark terror.

Tree-lined streets sport manicured lawns beneath a sky so blue it is almost painful – this is the sort of image Arcadia conjures up.

Want To Be Terrified? Visit This Haunted Arcadia Intersection

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Updated 2/10/2020 – At least, this is the image it conjures up during the day, and to those who don’t know the right – or wrong – places to be at the proper time.

Arcadia’s Intersection of Worlds: A Real Life Haunting

Arcadia's intersection of worlds - a haunting nightmare come true

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There is an intersection in Arcadia, off of Golden West Avenue, which during the day looks like any other three-way intersection in this little affluent corner of the world.

Bustling street traffic coming from three different directions, and in the fourth, a drain sewer backed by a fence leading onto a tree-studded piece of private property.

McMansions abound in the area, and you would be hard pressed to find a house without a pool in the back yard.

Clearly, day after day this little intersection offers only the finest slice of Americana life available to those with upper middle class income (and for those who don’t, the sights are free in passing.)

But, again, this is not necessarily the case at night.

Nighttime passersby have reported that strange things sometimes happen at the intersection – or near it – after the sun goes down.

Sometimes a biker or jogger will see things moving in among the trees on the other side of the fence.

Occasionally, there will be noises, which the unfortunate (and usually very frightened) pedestrian will be unable to identify.

And, in a few cases, whatever creatures haunt this little slice of Hell have made full frontal appearances.

Eyewitness Accounts of Paranormal Activity

Eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity at Arcadia's haunted intersection report a girl in a bloody dress that...

Photo credit: tumblr/pricklylegs

Meet Stephanie.

Stephanie is a thirty-six year-old mother of four, who states that she took up jogging after the birth of her fourth child and only son.

Until recently, Stephanie’s habit has been to help her husband put the kids to bed, don some bright reflective clothing, and head out to jog the neighborhood.

This routine changed permanently after the night of September 21st, 2015.

“I got there (the intersection) and decided to take a breather, since that’s about three miles from our house.

I was standing there under the streetlamp, just trying to catch my wind and stretch out my muscles a bit, when I started hearing sounds coming from across the street.

At first, I thought someone was hurt over across the fence, and I started to pull my cell phone out to call 911.

But the sounds got louder, and I realized they were coming not just from the trees, but from everywhere.

It was especially loud coming out of the storm drain.

I looked down there, half expecting to see a clown, like in that Stephen King book?

Well, I didn’t see anything there, but when I looked up, I caught sight of two figures in dresses, holding hands.

It was so dark, it took me a little bit to realize that what they were covered with was blood.

One of them stepped forward a little, and all I saw before I took off running was that her face was gone, and the skull beneath it was all that was showing.”

Stephanie never called the police that night, and she is reluctant to tell her story now.

The only thing that has convinced her to do so is that reports of similar activity in this area exist from other sources.

Someone – or something – just may be lurking in the vicinity of this intersection.

Maybe it’s there for its own purposes, or maybe it’s waiting for someone.

Maybe for you.

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