Is Dunlap Cemetery the Most Haunted Graveyard in California?

The tiny town of Dunlap is often overlooked by tourists to California, but underestimating the terrors of Dunlap Cemetery could lead to a visitor’s demise.

Typical tourists flock to places like Hollywood and Venice Beach.

Is Dunlap Cemetery the Most Haunted Graveyard in California?

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Updated 9/23/2019 – But those with a love for truly terrifying towns know Dunlap all too well.

The terrors of this final resting place have been well-documented over the years, yet there are certain secrets that you’ve just gotta wait and see for yourself.

Few dare wander the grounds at all, and even fewer venture in alone.

Satanic Graves in Dunlap Cemetery

Rumor has it that in the mid-1800s, a shack on the outskirts of Dunlap was home to a sect of devil worshippers.

It is said that these Satanists attempted to conjure demons and supernatural entities in order to give themselves paranormal powers.

Eventually, the sect broke up for unknown reasons, and the Satanists went on to carry out normal lives.

Every single one of them requested to be buried in an unmarked grave in Dunlap Cemetery, even though many of them moved away from town.

Anyone who walks through Dunlap Cemetery will see just how many unmarked graves there are.

Considering this, one has to wonder how many Satanists lived in Dunlap and how much dark magic they worked on the town.

Some believe that the Satanists conjured three tall, shadowy figures who haunt the graveyard near a cluster of oak trees.

Rumor has it that they protect the dead Satanists from graverobbers.

No one knows for sure who the spirits may be.

Perhaps they are something more deadly and twisted than mere ghosts.

Ghost Sightings in Dunlap Cemetery

Anyone who says they can walk fearlessly through a cemetery is probably lying…

…but anyone who says they walked through Dunlap Cemetery without being scared definitely never set foot past its gates.

Some believe that the Satanists conjured three tall, shadowy figures who haunt the Dunlap graveyard near a cluster of oak trees.

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A witness reported that when she went to the cemetery during her short visit to Dunlap, even though it was during daylight hours, she could hear an ominous whisper chanting “Leave us alone.”

Considering herself a rebel, and egged on by her friends, she disobeyed the voice and ventured further into the cemetery.

Footsteps followed her.

Every time she wandered too close to an unmarked grave, a shiver ran down her spine, and she felt suddenly and inexplicably cold.

She described her experience in the Dunlap cemetery as the single most terrifying ghost encounter of her life.

She recalled the voices that demanded her to leave them alone growing louder and louder, until they reached a point where words that had once been a whisper were screaming in her ears.

Even though she had been dared by her friends to stay until nightfall, she left after less than one hour.

Most people would have.

At least, the ones still fortunate enough to be able to leave.

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