Haunted Doll Holds Child’s Soul Hostage At This Texas Hospital

Throughout the years, hospitals sometimes close.

One such hospital is located in Pampa, Texas.

While the Worley hospital is no longer in operation, the building still stands as testament to the lives and patients that have come and gone.

Updated 2/11/2020 – But of course, some never left.

The Most Popular Hospital in Pampa

Today, the empty building is allegedly haunted by the spirits of people who passed away there.

A handful of paranormal investigation teams have come to study the hospital’s phantom inhabitants.

Some believe the haunting is nothing but a false rumor.

But for one team, Worley changed their view on the afterlife forever.

One such team member, Melanie (name changed for privacy), wanted to share her experience.

“I’d like to keep my group anonymous, as we didn’t exactly get permission,” she began sheepishly.

“We aren’t a very big group, so we separated and manned floors by ourselves.

I’m a mother, and I wanted to check out the nursery and the children’s section of the hospital.

We are just starting out, so we don’t have a lot of equipment like other groups do.

“Our group shares one EVP recorder and switch every hour.

So all I had with me was a night vision camera and my eyes.

“Anyway, I went to the nursery first, and as I walked around I kept feeling random cold spots.

It could have been a draft, sure, but the spots were so isolated, it just didn’t seem like something I could explain away with logic,” she said, animatedly.

“I started to think that maybe, just maybe, the place really was haunted.

A Ghost Girl’s Lost Doll


“Meandering through, I quickly came upon the children’s ward.

My footsteps were loud on the tile floor, and I got the distinct impression that if there were any ghosts in the area, they would be well aware of my presence,” Melanie nodded.

“No more than two minutes passed before I heard a door slowly creak open on its hinges behind me.

The noise was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

I considered calling for one of my other team members on our walkies when I heard a voice say ‘help me.’”

“I whirled around, but nobody was there.

It sounded like a little girl but not as if she were in pain.

I had just turned around again when a full bodied apparition of a little girl appeared in the hall in front of me.

“I was so shocked I dropped the camera!

“It broke….

I’m still actually paying it off,” she added with a small chuckle.

The noise didn’t scare the girl off though…she still stood there, watching me in a frilly little dress.

’Help me’ she murmured, and my maternal instincts knocked into high gear.

“’How can I help you?’ I asked her softly.

“The little ghost girl looked forlorn as she said, ‘I lost my favorite doll.’

I looked through each and every room, top to bottom.

“In the fifth room, I saw a dusty rag doll in the corner of the room,” she nodded.

When I went back into the hallway, the girl was still there, waiting.

“I handed it to her and asked if it was her lost doll.

“The girl smiled wide and took the doll into her arms.

’Now I’m not alone anymore,’ she said, and I felt tears spring to my eyes.

“I’ve looked through a ton of Pampa records, trying to figure out who the girl was.

I haven’t found anything yet, but that ghost made me realize there are good spirits in this world.”