Bloody Ghost Girl Haunts This Old Amusement Park In Texas

In 1984, children and families in El Paso, Texas rejoiced.

Magic Landing, which was a large amusement park, opened its doors to the public on the fourth of July.

Many incidents are said to have taken place at Magic Landing, but only one that has been officially recorded.

Bloody Ghost Girl Haunts This Old Amusement Park In Texas

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The Freak El Paso Accident of 1985

Updated 2/11/2020 – In 1985, park employee Frank Guzman attempted to rescue a visitor’s hat on a roller coaster track, when the carts on the track rushed past, his arm was severed off.

Due to a delay in getting to the hospital, Frank passed away.

Attendance waned after the incident, and the park was forced to close its door a few years later.

While the park was eventually demolished, many rumors still remain about the other incidents that occurred at the park during its glory days.

One rumor includes the death of a girl who fell of a ride and perished.

Some dismiss this rumor, but for El Paso native Suzanne, the story correlates with an eerie experience she had at Magic Landing.

“I believe it was 1994, as I was a senior in high school,” Suzanne recalled.

“Magic Landing was no longer open, but several of the buildings and empty facilities remained.

A lot of students from the high school liked to sneak in at night and hang out.

Some of us were trying to learn graffiti, though none of us were ever good at it,” she added with a laugh.

“It was the weekend, and a few of us decided to go to Magic Landing and down a few beers.

Most of the buildings didn’t have any furniture left, but the brick was nice and solid and you couldn’t tell we were there once we were inside.

“We each had a couple of beers, and were chasing each other around from building to building.

I was hiding from the others in the bathroom when I heard my friend Morgan scream nearby.

The Floating Evil Spirit

The little girl with blood on her dress appeared to be floating in the corner of the Magic Landing theme park in Texas.

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“It wasn’t a scream of enjoyment—I could tell something was wrong.

So I left the bathroom and tried to locate her based on the sound.

Our other friend, Theresa, ran into me outside and together we tracked Morgan down.

“We found her in a small, square red brick building about fifty yards away.

When we walked in, she had her back turned to us and was pointing to the corner…and standing there was a little girl,” Suzanne said, nervously running a hand through her hair.

“She wore a white, poofy dress typical of a six or seven year old.

Her hair was in pigtails and she was smiling at us.

I would have assumed she lived nearby and had run away from home if…,” she hesitated.

If what?

“If she didn’t have blood all over the front of her dress, and eyes that were all white.

We all just stood there, dumbstruck—I think we were in shock, to be honest.

When I came to my senses, I whispered to my friends that we should run,” said Suzanne.

“But suddenly the little girl lifted off the ground and began to float up! Morgan, Theresa and I all screamed ourselves hoarse as we ran clear out of the park and half a mile down the road.

When El Paso decided to tear the place down, it was music to my ears,” she nodded.

“I heard that the land is now used as a lot for a trucking company, or something.

I’ll take their word for it, I’m never going back anywhere near there.”


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