10 Abandoned Buildings in Texas Haunted by Black Eyed Children

There’s a good reason why abandoned buildings are often in scenes from horror films.

Their vacant, dilapidated appearances, their discarded furniture.

Everything about these locations promotes a feeling of creepiness.

But throw some black eyed children into the mix, and you’re in for a really horrible time.

10 Abandoned Buildings in Texas Haunted by Black Eyed Children

hoto credit left: flickr/yyellowbird right via youtube

Updated 2/11/2020 – Below are ten abandoned Texas buildings where these kids with black eyes (also known as BEK) have been spotted.

You have been warned…

Ten Abandoned Buildings in Texas Haunted by Black Eyed Children

10) Toyah High School – Toyah, TX

The town has been shrinking for over a century, and some say it's because of the creepy black eyed children sometimes seen here.

Photo credit: flickr/Nicolas Henderson

Not only has the local high school been abandoned, but the entire town of Toyah has been as well.

The town reached its peak population of 1,052 in 1910, and has steadily declined ever since.

Today, it’s been rumored that the Toyah High School has been taken over by a group of black eyed children.

These kids are known for wandering the streets at night, spooking the remaining residents by staring into their windows during the night.

Many believe this is why the town has been all but abandoned.

9) Walnut Ridge Mansion – Gonzales, TX

There's something extra spooky about an abandoned haunted house when it's a mansion. Maybe it's the amount of people who have been there over the years, knowing that there were servants and maids, and gardeners, and a lot of other people going through difficult times just trying to earn a living, while being faced daily with someone else's extreme wealth. Spirits, too, can feel animosity.

Photo credit: abandonedabandoned.com

Texan architect James Miller designed and built this beautiful mansion in 1901.

Very little is known why the mansion was eventually abandoned, but it’s said to be the home of two black eyed siblings who have been known to knock on people’s doors in town during the night.

When residents refuse to let them enter, the siblings are known to climb their roof and scrape the shingles with their fingernails for hours on end.

After a local women encountered these children, she consulted a medium via a phone psychic reading.

The psychic told her these children may be the souls of loved ones trapped between heaven and hell.

8) The Rig Theatre – Premont, TX

People used to come here to enjoy a show, but recent trespassers have reported seeing a lot more than that.

Photo credit: flickr/reweston-sat

First opened in 1950, this beautiful theater has sat empty for over three decades.

A group of theater students from a neighboring town once entered the building to explore.

When a student first saw a young man with head down in the last row, she thought it was someone from her group.

But as he raised his head to smile at her, she caught a glimpse of pitch black eyes.

When the boy seemed to say hello to her from inside her head, she insisted on leaving the premise immediately.

7) Baker Hotel – Mineral Wells, TX

The Baker Hotel is an incredible building, loved by architecture buffs and paranormal adventurers alike.

Photo credit: ourruins.com

Opened in 1929, the Baker Hotel was quite lavish until the owner died in 1967.

The hotel never managed to recover and was closed five years later.

A few nearby residents, including a psychic who was visiting the area, have claimed to have seen black eyed children wandering the grounds when it rains.

A few of these children have tried to approach passerby, but the locals fled after feeling as though they were temporarily not in control of their minds and bodies.

6) El Paso Tin Mine – El Paso, TX

The tin mines are long-abandoned, and now serve as a sight to see on a hiking trail, but don't take this place too lightly.

Photo via: Youtube

The El Paso Mine was the only place in the U.S. where Tin was dug up.

The mine was established in 1909 but was abandoned in 1915 because tin was no longer found.

It’s said that a group of explorers saw a black eyed girl within the mine.

The little girl stalked them through the mine calling out the names of their family members until the group was too scared to continue their adventure.

5) Jackson Square Apartments – Amarillo, TX

Locals now say a handful of black eyed children have been wandering the area, knocking on doors asking to be let in.

Photo credit: Google Street

On September 28th, 2015, Amarillo lost this building that had been an eyesore for quite some time.

The Jackson Square Apartments complex was abandoned after it became the scene of several brutal murders.

The site where the complex once stood is known for being haunted by apparitions.

Locals now say a handful of black eyed kids have been wandering the area, knocking on doors asking to be let in.

A sanitation worker said he was in the area picking up roadkill when he saw a black eyed teen on the other side of the street, chewing on the bloody remains of a dead raccoon.

4) The Cistern – Houston, TX

This cistern was decommissioned about a decade ago due to a leak, but it has recently been re-opened to the public as an attraction, however you can't just erase a dark history by putting up a new sign.

Photo credit: flickr/brayne

This hard to reach cistern was once a drinking water reservoir.

Many believe it was abandoned after being contaminated.

A leak was discovered about a decade ago, and it was deemed too expensive to fix.

Many people fear to visit after an environmental officer called his office from the reservoir saying he had seen a child with all black eyes deep inside the cistern.

Its said that the officer never returned to his home or work, but that is probably just an urban legend.

3) Emhouse School – Corsicana, TX

This school has been abandoned for a long time. Schools were a lot different in the 1950's, and children were treated a lot worse... Some of them seem to want revenge.

Photo credit: rootsweb.ancestry.com

Many Corsicana residents believe the Emhouse school has been haunted since it was abandoned during the late 1950s.

When a group of teenagers broke into the facility a few years ago they found a bunch of creepy, black eyed children sitting in some remaining desks.

Since then it’s said that the parents to the teenagers think their children are possessed by something demonic.

The teens will not leave their bedrooms and refuse to eat anything but insects.

2) The Hotel Ozona – Ozona, TX

Residents hope for someone to renovate this historic hotel, but the spirits inside would rather be left alone.

Photo credit: flickr/ourruins

Beyond the empty walls, the only thing that remains of this once magnificent hotel is the sign advertising “refrigerated air” inside.

Many believe the hotel was abandoned during the 1940s or 50s but no one seems to know why.

Lately it has been rumored that the hotel has been taken over by a horde of black eyed children.

Many believe a local photographer went to the site one afternoon to take some shots.

When he arrived home hours later he no longer had any clothes on and blood was pouring out of his nose.

Those who are close to him have now had him declared mentally insane.

1) Abandoned Asylum – San Antonio, TX

They say this old San Antonio Asylum is abandoned, but anybody who has experienced the paranormal activity at this place would beg to differ.

Photo credit: flickr/Nitram242

This abandoned asylum has been empty for several decades and is now owned by the county.

It’s rumored that when a San Antonio boy went missing, his family searched the asylum wondering if he ran away from home.

His aunt claimed to have seen him screaming as he was dragged under a bed by a black eyed female.

It’s said that she ran over to help him but when she looked under the bed, nobody was there.

The boy is said to still be missing.

Most people consider the women mentally unstable and believe she made up the story to cover up the fact that she murdered the boy.

However, those close to the family report seeing similar black-eyed children and believe that in truth, it was her encounter with the terrifying child that drove her insane.


Abandoned buildings may be fun to explore and photograph, but anyone who wishes to remain alive and unharmed would do best to avoid any location where these insidious black eyed children have been spotted.