Evil Spirits Of Creepy Old Men Haunt This California Playground At Night

The small city of Clovis in the state of California may not be as known as its neighbor city, Fresno, but it’s still quite famous for sitting at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, making it the “Gateway to the Sierras” as it is commonly called.

Updated 9/23/2019 – A distinct place in this city for everyone to visit is the Railroad Park on Peach Avenue.

With its walking and biking trails, gazebos, and picnic tables, couples and hikers love to spend sunny days in it.

Families are also common guests given that two different playgrounds attract and entertain kids of all ages.

The Railroad Park Playground in Clovis

Both playgrounds in the park are age-oriented: one is specifically for toddlers while the other is for older children.

The singularity of the big children play area is that, even if it looks like any other playground, full of kids’ laughter and vitality during the day, it is believed to be inhabited by non-living creatures when the night arrives.

Some of the local people do not doubt twice when asked if this playground is haunted.

They clarify that during the day nothing will happen to the children playing there, but that’s no reason to think that whatever takes over the playground at night is not already there in the daylight.

“I think these ghosts like to watch kids play,” an older Clovis citizen explains, “and I say ‘ghosts’ because we can all tell it’s more than one entity”.

The spirits remain quiet and calm throughout the day, but as darkness covers up Railroad Park the ‘creepy old men’, as the locals call them, like to make sure that you recognize their presence which may not be friendly at all.

The Nocturnal Players In The Park

You never know what you'll come across when you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.


According to the rumors, every now and then these spirits will show themselves to someone who visits the park at night, and some of those visitors have reported terrible things.

The Park may seem motionless until fast movements of human-like shadows start running around the visitors in an angry manner, giving the impression that these spirits don’t like being disturbed, especially if you are not a kid.

“The children’s play area, so happy and fun during the day, becomes horrifying and aggressive at night: the swings get pushed and pulled violently, the zip-line moves back and forth, and the Tic-Tac-Toe board pieces spin like crazy, all of this felt like it’s done by at least half a dozen men… or the whatever is left of them there, anyway,” says a young man who has, unsuccessfully, tried to take footage of what happens in the playground at night.

This man, who deliberately chose not to disclose his name, is not the only one with a similar true story to tell.

Some Clovis residents seem to have had alarming experiences in the playground where some of them have even heard angry, menacing voices of men clearly showing that no one other than children are welcome in the park at night.

The playground still attracts big and small families during the day.

However, as the young man mentioned above suggests, whoever goes there when the sun has set should be cautious.

“It can get hostile,” he concluded, “so by the moment you start hearing a dozen hands smashing angrily at the playground slides, you better understand that you are not allowed to be there anymore and that it’s time for you to go home.”