Beware The Ghostly Terror Lurking At This Florida Intersection

Spook lights are a phenomena in haunted areas where inexplicable orbs of light are spotted floating through the sky.

These phenomena have been recorded not only all over the country, but all over the world.

Updated 2/10/2020 – Spook lights in near Graceville, Florida have tormented drivers at the intersection of Jones road and SR 2.

Some people believe these lights are the eyes of spirits that flash through the night.

A Terrifying Journey

Many people who have driven through the intersection of Jones Road and SR 2 have found themselves entranced by ghostly lights floating in the sky.

Skeptics believe these are car lights flashing through a gap in the ridge.

But other people who have seen these spook lights remain convinced the only explanation is supernatural.

One mother driving through the area recalls her 5-year-old daughter noticing the lights and becoming convinced someone was watching them from beyond the grave.

When she pulled over to try and calm her daughter, a dark figure darted in front of their car.

Since that day, this woman has refused to travel those Graceville roads.

Other drivers have reported being entranced by the lights.

One man tells his true story of feeling compelled to drive towards them, even though to follow them would have meant he had to drive off the road and crash his car.

He managed to tear his eyes away and stop himself.

But it gives reason to wonder…

How many Graceville crashes might have really been caused by these mysterious spook lights?

Who is Haunting Graceville Roads?

In the book “Ghosts of Bellamy Bridge“, Dave Cox raises the idea that the spook lights in Graceville could have been caused by the lynching of Edward Christian and Hattie Browman in the fall of 1910.

Perhaps they are still trying to get vengeance for their unfair demise.

No one could blame them if they were.

Other theories include the rumor that a family used to live in the woods near this intersection.

They lived like wild animals until eventually they died out due to infertility from years of inbreeding.

Now their half-human spirits roam the woods and glare at passing vehicles.

Some theorists claim that maybe this family never died off after all.

People believe they continue to live in the backwoods of Graceville.

Perhaps these spooklights occur when their huge eyes get caught by car headlights, and their uncanny stares reflect back like two blinding lights.

Perhaps it is not the dead but the living who haunt the Jones Road and SR 2 intersection.

Whether the spook lights in Graceville are car headlights, the spirits of the lynched, or the eyes of the disturbed, one thing is for sure: no one should drive that stretch of road alone at night.