Haunted Alice: Patient Recalls Ghosts of P&S Hospital

At hospitals, old souls depart this world and new souls enter it on a daily basis.

But what happens when a person dies and decides not to leave?

This strange occurrence became reality at the P&S Hospital in Alice, Texas.

Haunted Alice: Patient Recalls Ghosts of P&S Hospital

Ghost Haunting the Patients at P&S Hospital

Updated 2/11/2020 – During the 90s, doctors and nurses would experience paranormal activity in the OR Suite.

Unplugged bell devices would go off on their own accord, paperwork would be mysteriously moved, and even the occasional sighting of a female ghost happened.

Many staff members theorized this entity was of a nurse who used to work at the hospital.

She took such pleasure in her work that death did not stop her from continuing her work.

Frightful Encounters in the OR Suite

But former patient Michael V. experienced this dead nurse head on.

And it was anything but pleasurable.

“It was 1993 I think, and I had scheduled a routine procedure as an outpatient at P&S,” Michael began.

“When I entered the OR Suite, the entire lobby was strangely empty.

“Some emergency was taking place somewhere in the hospital and the nurses had left to help,” he said.

“Finally a nurse came back, and I remember thinking how petite she was.

“I filled out the necessary forms and she asked me some routine questions before taking me back to a private room.

“She was quiet, a little timid, but nothing seemed amiss to me,” Michael shrugged.

“She had black hair, a small nose… nice smile.

Haunted Alice: Patient Recalls Ghosts of P&S Hospital in Texas

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“I recall noting that the nurse was very pale under the fluorescent lights, but hey, I’m Hispanic…most people seem pale to me,” he added, chuckling to himself.

“After several minutes the nurse gathered up my paperwork and left the room, telling me she would be right back.

“After what felt like hours, another nurse opened the door to my room.

“She had a patient following her and she looked surprised to find me there.

“’Excuse me, but what are you doing here? I haven’t processed you yet’ the woman said.

“I told her another nurse had checked me in,” Michael said.

“She told me that was impossible, that she was the only one processing incoming patients that night.

“I told her that she was misinformed, and that that room had been assigned to me by an OR nurse—I think I was a bit rude to her actually,” Michael added, sheepishly.

“The woman demanded I describe the supposed nurse who had checked me in, so I did.

“After that, the woman looked pretty scared,” Michael swallowed.

“She was convinced that I had been checked in by a ghost that haunts the OR Suite.

The Dead Work Hard in Alice, Texas

“I thought it was such nonsense at the time,” Michael laughed softly, shaking his head.

“Still, when she requested I return to the lobby, I went along with her orders.

“She resumed taking her patient into a private room, so I was alone again in the lobby.

“I turned to face the desk, and there was the nurse who had checked me in,” Michael said.

“She had her back turned to me, and was placing binders in a shelf above her head.

“Thinking I would explain what happened to her, I walked behind her and tapped her on the shoulder.

“When she turned around, I swear I nearly pissed myself,” Michael muttered, without a trace of humor.

“Her hair and skin and mouth were still the same, but her eyes…”

What about them?

“They were no longer there.”

“All that looked back at me were black, empty sockets.”

Residents of Alice have argued about whether or not to tear down the old building for years.

Many argued that it was an eyesore, while others warned of the evil that could be released.

To this day, locals report seeing a frightening apparition of a women, wearing what appears to be a nurses uniform, wandering the area after dusk.

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Near 348 E. 3rd St
Alice, TX
United States