True California Terror: Are You Ready For This Haunted Road Trip?

Sunny California is an excellent location for fun vacations, with great restaurants, beaches and hotels – among other places of interest.

But if you’re more interested in the dark side of life, check out this list of haunted spots to visit on a paranormal road-trip of a lifetime.


Ready for the scariest road trip of your life?

Updated 2/9/2020 – Don’t forget to bring your Bible, rosaries and Holy Water – and pray that they’ll keep you out of the reach of these unholy monsters, ghastly spirits and evil, demonic entities.

You might think that you’ve got the right stuff when it comes to investigating haunted locations, but we’ll tell you – think again.

Haunted Road Trip Through California

1) Dr. Torture at the Martinez Murder House – Sacramento

Without even stepping inside the Martinez House, the terror will already be nesting in your soul.

You’ll feel it just by standing outside looking up at the second-story balcony.

With good spirits held hostage by pure evil, you’ll wonder why you came.

Pray you don’t come face to face with the murderous Dr. Hart who tortured and butchered his wife, children and the family pet.

Hope you don’t experience the same horror which plagued the Martinez family after they moved in.

Evil possession is the number one fear of those who visit, along with ghostly apparitions and the stench of blood.

The Doctor is waiting in the dark in his theater of torture for your shuddering flesh.

2) Demonic Ghost Cats at St. Francis Hotel – San Francisco

There's said to be demonic pets haunting the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco.


How ironic – seeing as Saint Francis was an animal lover – with the long, creepy hallways of St. Francis Hotel being haunted by ghostly cats who have a taste for blood.

Some say the red carpeting matches the amount of blood spilled by these Hellish felines.

If you can get over the terrifying animalistic elements, prepare for shadow people who appear once you feel the blasts of intense cold; footsteps in the dead of night up and down the staircases; windows and curtains opening by themselves and invisible visitors clawing your flesh while you try to sleep.

3) Cannibal Spirit at The City Fish – San Jose

The City Fish in San Jose, California is a must-stop spot on your paranormal roadtrip.

tay t/yelp

Don’t assume that ghosts don’t plague restaurants and other eateries.

The City Fish has a visitor whose only hunger cannot be found on the menu.

Try not to sit near the corner where the spirit of a bloodthirsty ghost lurks.

You’ll feel her red, laser eyes boring into the back of your skull as she tries to detect any illness in your body.

She wants to make sure that your flesh is clean and free from disease.

Once you leave, if you can still feel her eyes on you – then you’re the dish of the day.

4) Gang of Tortured Souls at The Padre Hotel – Bakersfield

Gang of Tortured Souls at The Padre Hotel – Bakersfield

flickr/David Seibold

Tortured souls gravitate to the Padre Hotel, along with those who died within its walls.

The most tragic are the children who perished in a fire in the 1950’s – but don’t be fooled by their sweet voices.

These little demons are far from innocent.

You’ll smell smoke, then you’ll see their creepy, twisted faces – disfigured by fire.

They’ll stand by your bed and watch you after midnight.

Then there’s the crooked cowboy.

If you wake up and see him inches from your face, he’s already possessing you to take you with him as he jumps out of the window.

5) Dark, Vengeful Spirit at the TCL Chinese Theatre – Hollywood

The TCL Chinese Theater in LA, California is a stop on our paranormal roadtrip across the state.


If you visit Mann’s Chinese Theater, try not to spend too much time in the forecourt, where the anguished spirit of actor Victor Kilian is believed to haunt.

Having been bludgeoned to death while disturbing a burglar, he seeks revenge as he lurks around trying to find his killer.

First you’ll feel a heavy hand grabbing your shoulder and spinning you around.

Then you’ll see his bloodied cranium – smashed and caved in – with one eye hanging out of the socket.

If he thinks you’re the culprit – you’ll need an exorcism before he drags you to Hell.

6) The Face Ripper at DeForest Park – Long Beach

Haunted Long Beach The Darkness Of DeForest Park

Dustin H./yelp

Try not to visit DeForest Park and trail alone at night.

The disfigured spirit of a ghastly woman likes to follow unsuspecting victims.

You’ll hear the strange footsteps that sound like someone dragging one of their feet.

Then there will be icy gusts of wind and evil whispers coming from behind you.

If you turn around, you’ll see her freaky face, complete with sagging skin hanging over her eyes in contrast to the tight, stretched skin on her gnarly hands.

She’ll reach for your face as she only wants to tear it off to cover her own dastardly visage.

7) The Drowning Pool at the Queen Mary – Long Beach

The Queen Mary is docked in Long Beach, check it out on your trip!


There’s so much paranormal activity going on in the Queen Mary, so you’d be hard-pressed not to bump into a roaming ghost or angry spirit.

Try not to freak out when a nasty apparition grabs you in room B340.

What’s worse is that there’s more than one spooky entity waiting to terrorize the living.

One tricky ghost is the White Lady who likes to hover near the pool.

You might be entranced by her period clothing and gentle demeanor, but once in her grasp, she’ll plunge you into a watery grave to haunt alongside her for eternity.

8) Cursed Land of Angry Spirits – Black Star Canyon – Orange County

Black Star Canyon is one of the most haunted roads in all of Orange County, so obviously you need to drive down it at night.


Rich with bloody history, including battles between the Shoshone tribes, Spanish and Americans – there are many restless spirits at Black Star Canyon.

Some say there are also spirits of children who perished in a bus crash.

You’ll hear their chilling cries on the frosty breeze, along with the chanting and drums of the Indians.

Don’t go near the bridge, where evil spirits wait in a crouched position – only to leap up and drag you to your death.

You could zig-zag your way through the Canyon and come across a demonic entity at every turn.

This blood-soaked land is cursed, so enter at your own risk.

9) The Lonely Curse – San Elijo Lagoon – Encinitas

The San Elijo Lagoon in Encinitas is a fitting place to end up if you're looking to experience true paranormal events in California.


The ghost of a young girl who was mutilated to death haunts the waterways of San Elijo Lagoon.

Believed to have been killed by a homeless man, she is missing an eye and her chin melts down into her neck.

She was a deeply religious girl when she was alive and now she is lonely for company.

Don’t venture close to the water’s edge, as to see her is to seal your doom.

Not only will she drag you down to your death, she will curse your family.

Her soul is now embittered and confused, so you must take pity – not that it will do you any good.

Do you dare take this road trip?

Even if you make it back alive, you might not make it back the “same”.

There’s only one way to find out…