10 Haunted Places in California That Will Creep You The Hell Out

Look into the shadows. But don’t walk into them.

You may just want to stay outside.

But then again, you like being scared.

As long as you live to make it to the next location on the list.

These haunted locales in California will creep you out.

Bad things have happened there.

And the energy lingers.

10 Haunted Places in California That Will Creep You The Hell Out

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Updated 2/9/2020 – What does it feel like to feel the energy?

To be visited by the furious spirits that remain?

Perhaps you’re on the road to find out.

Ten Haunted Places in California That Will Creep You Out

10) Abandoned Mental Hospital (Sunny Acres), San Luis Obispo

10 - Abandoned Mental Hospital, San Luis Obispo - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: flickr/93583023@N00

Once home to Black Bonnet, a vicious nurse, this evil abode is now charred.

The foundation’s center is said to have a psychic vortex and spontaneously combusted a couple of decades ago.

Visitors report shouts and murmurs of the unholy and unhappy remaining occupants.

Black Bonnet may have nailed the hands of some of these to the floor, and is said the have burned others with a clothes iron.

9) Vogue Theatre, San Francisco

9 - Vogue Theatre, San Francisco - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: flickr/ari

Before this building housed the famed Supper Club, it’s rumored to have been a school; Miss Elizabeth, said to have perished in a fire, haunted the club for years.

But there’s a newer ghost now.  He’s Fritz, the projectionist, who sometimes hovers near the ceiling in the middle of the room.

8) Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Downey

8 - Rancho Los Amigos Hospital - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: flickr/jessicaannsawyer

With amigos like this, who needs enemies?

This place makes the witch house in Blair Witch Project look like a fixer-upper.

But its rubble and squalor are just hints at the evil that happened there.

Get as close as you’re allowed, and you’re likely to hear moans, cries, and otherworldly rumbles.

Murder and violence don’t leave quietly, and you’re sure to get caught up in their gruesome reverberations.

Were the poor inmates of this abandoned asylum tortured, or were they the torturers?

7) Mission San Miguel, San Luis Obispo

7) Mission San Miguel, San Luis Obispo - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: flickr/suckaface

This Northern California haunt is terrifying.

The Reed family and their servants and staff were brutally killed by British pirates in 1848.

Now, this crime is replayed from time to time for the eyes of intrepid visitors.

There are reports of Mrs. Reed’s bodice being ripped down by a pirate and of another criminal driving a cutlass through Mr. Reed.

6) Mendocino Hotel and Garden Suites, Mendocino

6 - Mendocino Hotel and Garden Suites, Mendocino - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: photogirltravels.com

This former brothel now houses the wraiths of once-saucy hookers.

With no carnal tricks to turn, these ghostly dames play tricks on hotel staff.

But it’s no laughing matter when they appear to unsuspecting guests in mirrors, causing screams before fading into the ether.

5) Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles

5 - Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: flickr/ajpc18

The house that Howard Hughes built.

That crazy millionaire built a little back door into one of the private balcony suites.

And his ghost has been seen there ever since.

When he’s not chasing the spirit skirt of an actress who died in the theatre in ’32, he’s breathing down the necks of construction workers.

4) Cary House Hotel, Placerville

4 - Cary House Hotel, Placerville - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: flickr/58417143@N06

This was a bawdy house of wild antics during the Gold Rush days.

Many dames were ravished in the rooms (and stairwells…) and various shootouts went down.

No human can rid a building of its angry and unsettled spirits, so guests at this fully-functioning hotel just may have some chill-raising experiences.

If you’re brave enough, get ready for objects mysteriously flying across the room, as well as anguished cries and contemptuous hisses.

3) Whaley House, San Diego

3) Whaley House, San Diego - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: whaleyhouse.org

There’s not much that can happen to infuse a house with evil that hasn’t happened in the Whaley House.

A man hanged himself, and a young girl, a visitor to the home, died one of the most grizzly way possible, having her neck snapped by a clothesline.

These spirits make themselves known.

They sometimes push or move objects, and often wave or make low moans.

If you’ve never seen an apparition, you may be too faint of heart for the Whaley House.

2) Phoenix Inn, Alhambra

2) Phoenix Inn, Alhambra - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: flickr/roadtrippers.com

Local tales say a former waitress died at this Chinese restaurant in Alhambra.

Now, diners will sometimes see an apparition poking her nose into their meals, making little squeaks of approval or rumbles of disapproval.

If you want to see her, order beef and broccoli and steady your nerves.

1) Cherokee Cemetery, Tuolumne

1 - Cherokee Cemetery, Tuolumne - Haunted Places in California

Photo credit: findagrave.com

This cemetery in the town of Tuolumne is creepier than most.

Visitors almost always feel death energy whipping around them, blowing coldly down their necks.

Many have been visited by the ghost of a boy who died on the same day as his father.

Are you too skeptical, are or you up for such a chilling occurrence?

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Be on your guard when visiting.

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