Hellish Spirits Want To Make You Choke On Your Ice Cream In Miami

Are you in search of the best ice cream in Miami?

Be sure to check out the Azucar Ice Cream Company.

But those who are faint of heart should be forewarned…

Rumor has it that the ground this delicious ice cream parlor sits on is notoriously haunted.

Ready For The Best Ice Cream in Miami?

Updated 2/10/2020 – The city of Miami began as an official settlement in 1825.

Many people flocked to the city, hoping to begin a fresh start with their families.

A five year old girl named Mary (Names have been changed for privacy) watched as her parents struggled to put food on the table for her and her siblings each evening.

One night, Mary decided that she would do anything in her power to help each of them survive.

She snuck out of their cabin and wandered into the night.

Mary made her way over to where a large wooden building was being erected, in the hopes that she would find something of value in the construction zone.

She carefully tread through the site, but failed to see a large pit that had been dug on the border of the land.

Mary fell in and twisted her ankle.

Seeing that their daughter was missing the following morning, Mary’s parents ran out of the house, frantically calling her name.

They eventually made their way to the construction site, and found Mary, trapped several feet underground.

Mary’s father and mother leaned over the sides of the large hole, trying to reassure her that everything would be alright.

But all of the sudden the ground gave way beneath them, and the construction ditch quickly morphed into a violent and deadly sinkhole.

Mary and her parents were buried under several feet of mud and dirt within seconds—and worse—nobody had witnessed what happened.

All three remained trapped underground, void of food and water.

Eventually they ran out of air and quickly perished.

Fast forward to present day.

Azucar now sits on the land where Mary and her family died.

Although any historical records of their death have been long lost, a local medium named Hillary (Name changed for privacy) is certain their spirits still linger.

“It may sound morbid to some people, but I enjoy going to Azucar to visit Mary and her family,” Hillary admitted.

“Often times I will grab a cone and sit in a corner of the restaurant, silently communicating with Mary.

Their souls are still there, deep underground, waiting for anyone who is a Sensitive and is willing to open themselves up to them.

Remembering Mary

Mary and her parents were buried under several feet of mud and dirt within seconds—and worse—nobody had witnessed what happened.


“It’s a chilling tale, a very sad tale, but Mary insists that though they will forever remain underground, she is happy to have her parents with her.

She was happy that they were all together when they died,” Hillary whispered, with a solemn nod.

“She doesn’t begrudge the business that has been built on top of them.

“She is happy that so many people find joy in the place where they were once met with sudden tragedy.

Knowing that makes it easier for me to just enjoy the ice cream the company has to offer.

“But she warned me that sometimes, other spirits are present.

They aren’t very nice.

Not to her, not to people.

She says they’re already trying to appear but they only can appear sometimes.

She says they wait until someone has a mouth full of the best ice cream in Miami, and then they try to scare them…

She says they want to make bad things happen to people, and I believe her.”