Don’t Let The Ghost Of a Murderous Midwife Catch You On This Remote Florida Trail

If you take a long hike into the woods at Econfina Creek, you’ll come across a cemetery filled with unmarked graves which are guarded by what some witnesses say is a most sinister ghost.

Considered by some to be the spirit of a midwife who lost her mind many years ago, it is said that to see her is to face death itself.

Updated 2/10/2020 – One amateur ghost hunter who decided to hang up her camera and voice recorder after seeing this evil entity advises that she was going through a rough patch in her life.

During that time, she had a picnic with her family near the scenic trail, when she decided to go for a walk on her own along the creek.

She reported that she was secretly two and a half month’s pregnant and was wondering whether or not to keep it.

While she wandered along banks of the creek, she said that she sensed someone following her.

Thinking that it was her brother being an idiot, she called out angrily for him to “Screw off!”

Unknown Figure at Econfina Creek, Florida

When she turned around to throw a rock at him, she saw a tall, dark apparition under one of the magnolia trees.

The shadowy figure slowly turned and walked into the forest, but the ghost hunter couldn’t leave it alone.

Even though her flesh was crawling she had to find out what was going on.

She saw the figure fly over a dark field of wildflowers as the day became overcast.

When she realized that she’d lost track of the apparition, she heard many piercing cries that were soon almost deafening her as they increased in volume.

It didn’t take her long to figure out that they were babies screaming and wondered if she was going mad.

The fear was paralyzing her and pinning her to the spot.

She screamed when the apparition suddenly appeared only inches away from her face.

She reported that the sight of the blackened corpse clothed in a Victorian style funeral dress, bonnet and veil was so terrifying that she almost vomited.

This tall dark apparition in the forest is waiting for you.


The tight, charcoal skin seemed to be stretched across the high cheekbones of the skull in the hazy, smoke-like apparition as she floated in front of the ghost hunter.

When she tried to turn and run away she felt the evil, bony fingers grip her shoulder like daggers digging into her skin.

Now the ghost was behind her and hissing into her left ear.

She couldn’t scream due to the intense fear, but she said that the words still haunt her to this day.

She fought back the tears when she retold this horrifying tale, including the part about the words that were mixed in with the creepy hissing and the raspy voice.

The apparition stunk of formaldehyde and smoke as she whispered, “You don’t want that baby.

Give him to me!” The ghost hunter fell to her knees, scared and sobbing, but was then distracted by movement all around her.

When she saw several, small, bloodied ghost babies crawling through the long, dry grass, it was all she could take.

She ran screaming back to her family, stopping several times to make sure she wasn’t being followed.

Months later, she could still smell the evil spirit.

She decided to keep her baby, but even when she was in the hospital, cradling her baby boy in her arms, the smell of formaldehyde was sickening.