Don’t Visit Any Beaches In Key Largo Unless You’re Willing To Foresee Your Own Death

Many people visit Key Largo in order to have a relaxing vacation, but for Will Myers (Name changed for privacy) the island has proven to be a haven for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts alike.

“It was about five years ago when I first noticed a lot of stories coming out of Key Largo,” he told us Monday night.

“The stories stemmed not just from local hotels and businesses but around the beaches as well.

Are the Best Beaches in Key Largo Truly Haunted?

Updated 2/10/2020 – “As my love of paranormal research grew deeper and deeper, I found myself itching to go and scope things out for myself.

After I checked into my hotel, I decided that I would visit some beaches first.

Some people had reported seeing strange shadows while near the ocean.

“One by one I visited Far Beach, Cannon Beach and finally Harry Harris Beach.

At each one I brought out my EVP recorder, and a thermal camera.

I’m equal parts pleased and frightened by what I discovered.

“Far Beach seemed pretty normal while I was there.

Seagulls roamed the sky and children splashed in the tide pools.

Not a place you’d typically think you’d see a ghost, right?

But when I returned to my car and listened to my EVP recorder, I could hear the sounds of someone breathing deeply right beside me,” he said, shuddering.

“I knew it wasn’t me, because I could hear my breath also.

And I had made it a point to separate myself from the other beach goers.

Some people had reported seeing strange shadows while near the ocean.

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“Someone or something had been right beside me the entire time and I never knew it.

Naturally I was already spooked when I made it to Cannon Beach.

I turned on my recorder and whipped out my thermal camera.

“As I scanned the beach, I saw the red and yellow blurs of ordinary people enjoying the sun, but I also noticed someone hunched over in the sand near the water’s edge.

He looked eerily similar to me but older and like he was having some sort of medical emergency.

I looked up over my camera and was shocked to see that nobody was there.

“I looked back down at my camera and the figure was there, still hunched over in the sand.

But every time I looked with my own two eyes, the figure was nowhere in sight.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of spooky things in my day, but I’m not too proud to admit that that encounter scared the bejesus out of me,” Will admitted.

“I spent the next hour in my car willing myself to calm down before I made it over to Harry Harris Beach.

I was on edge as I sat down in the sand, half expecting at any moment to be mauled by a violent spirit.

After several minutes of sitting there, I truly did begin to relax.

Cold Touches

“Finally! A Key Largo beach that wasn’t haunted.

But the moment the thought crossed my mind, off in the distance I saw that same old man from earlier, the one who reminded me of myself.

He was laying in the sand, clenching his chest.

I ran over, but then he was gone.

“I spent the rest of my trip holed up in my hotel room, too frightened to go outside.”