Haunted San Diego: Beware The Walking Dead of Cara Way

Exactly thirty years ago in San Diego, California, an unfortunate young woman by the name of Cara Knott was murdered by a wayward highway patrolman named Craig Peyer.

Peyer was a long-time friend of the roadways, who made a habit of pulling over women of about Cara’s age and build, and trying to pick them up for dates.

On the day he pulled Cara over, however, it seems that all did not go as planned.

Haunted San Diego: Beware The Walking Dead of Cara Way

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The Brutal Murder of Cara Knott

Updated 2/10/2020 – Most of the women Craig Peyer harassed during his tenure with the San Diego Highway Patrol just refused his advances, and that was that.

But Cara threatened to turn him in, and that was her fatal mistake.

He bludgeoned her with his flashlight, and then used rope from his car to strangle her to death.

In more recent years, Cara Way has been set up as a kind of memorial segment of the 15 Freeway where she was killed, and there are lots of markers along it, signifying other untimely deaths.

And around some of these deaths, there seems to hang yet the air of terror and mystery.

Paranormal Terror in The City of San Diego

If you're looking for places to go in San Diego at night, you may want to avoid the haunted area known as Cara Way...

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Visitors, looking for places to go in San Diego at night, sometimes visit Cara Way and note a rather intense psychic vibe, if they are attuned to such things (those who aren’t sometimes will report that the place “feels bad”.)

“I’ve seen some of the strangest stuff you can imagine on that little stretch of road,” says ghost hunter and psychic William.

“You name it, I’ve probably seen an apparition of it in connection with the deaths there.

“No seriously, I’m talking ghosts, dark spirits, even things like vampire and zombie types.”

When asked if he expects to be taken seriously, William gets very still for a long moment, then takes a deep breath.

“Listen, you don’t have to believe me, but I’ll tell you something…”

The Walking Dead of Cara Way

Ghost hunter and psychic, William, states that he's seen ghosts, dark spirits, and even things like zombie types at Cara Way in San Diego, California...

Photo credit: deviantart/peacelovemusic248

William hesitates as he talks but I ask him to continue.

He replies, “I was there not too long after one of the many car accidents that happened there – a fatality, of course – and I can tell you that what I saw happening off the main road was no less than an act of zombie-like cannibalism.

“Except that it was happening in the spirit world, weirdly enough.

“The spirit of the young girl who had died in the wreck lay on the ground – probably in the same position her body had landed in, since she hadn’t been wearing her seat belt and that was what got her killed in the first place.

“But anyway, perched over her was this other apparition, and I swear it was eating her brain.”

William is difficult to believe on his own, but similar accounts float around among those who have seen or felt strange things along Cara Way.

At the very least, it seems that the unhappy spirits of those who have died there roam the area near and around the road in a perpetual state of either confusion or anger.

I asked William to tell me the story about the vampire he saw on Cara Way.

He smiled at me, and told me that it was far, far too scary to tell.

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