Haunted California: Can You Brave This Terrifying Cemetery?

Welcome to Paso Robles, California.

Home to one of the most haunted places in Southern California.

Ready to see ghosts and have your heart speed up out of fear?

Updated 2/10/2020 – Got something to calm you down?

I hope so, because you’re going to need it when you visit San Luis Obispo County’s most scary cemetery:

Adelaida Cemetery on Chimney Rock Road in Paso Robles.

Things To Do In Paso Robles, Ca: Visit With Ghosts

Only visit during the day, though, because trespassing at night is against the rules, and there are cameras taking down license plates.

Oh, yes, and you might not get out with your life.

There’s that.

The ghost of Charlotte Sitton – known colloquially sometimes as the Pink Lady for her odd funeral raiment of pink – is said to wander the grounds of this old cemetery.

Perhaps, if this is true, she is atoning for her suicide, which purportedly took place in 1890 after the death of her child (who is also said to be buried there.)

If so, she isn’t atoning very well, because she has been known to cause some problems, and not a few moments of pure terror.

Witnesses, who have been brave or stupid enough to break the rules and try to enter the cemetery at night, have found themselves at her mercy more than once.

Adelaida – World’s Scariest Graveyard?

A ghost called The Pink Lady is said to wander the grounds of this Adelaida cemetery...

Photo credit: flickr/espressobuzz

Strange things happen at Adelaida in the night-time.

Sometimes cars won’t start, or keys go missing.

“The night it happened,” says a one-time trespasser to the cemetery who prefers not to be named, “I was with a couple people and we were ghost hunting.

“We just wanted to check out a scary cemetery, have some fun, and see some ghosts.

Some places you can do that with no trouble, some places don’t allow you in after night.

“We didn’t know which one this particular cemetery was, but we were pretty young, a little stoned, and didn’t really care much at all.”

How stoned?

“Not stoned enough, as it turns out,” he says.

I wish I could just chalk what we saw that night up to a few magic mushrooms or something, but it wasn’t that simple.

“We smoked one joint among four of us, and that was like, an hour or two before we even left to go on the hunt, so we were pretty okay by the time we got there.

“Anyway, we got no more than probably fifty feet inside the cemetery when we saw the first weird thing.

Ghost hunters have claimed to see a deformed apparition dripping blood from its face at Adelaida Cemetery in Paso Robles, Ca...

Photo credit: The Hills Run Red

“One of my buddies saw something on one of the trees, and he went up and put his cell phone light on.

It was blood.

There was blood coming out of the tree.

“And I mean it was really oozing.

Disgusting stuff.

“That alone was enough to make us want to get out of there, but when we turned around to head back to the car, we saw that this lady was between us and the entrance.

“I just about lost my shit right then and there.

She was in a pink old-timey sort of dress, you know, with lace and stuff.

“Her face was all messed up, too, like she had been disassembled and put back together, but not quite the right way.

We just froze there for a long moment, and she looked at us, that weird head cocked to one side, her eyes looking like they were glowing in the darkness.

“Then she just said one word: ‘Leave’.

“We ran like bats out of hell and jumped in the car.

But it wouldn’t start for several seconds, until she had walked far enough away that we couldn’t see her anymore.

“Then it started right up, and we got out of there.

It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen, and I haven’t ever gone ghost hunting since then.”

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