10 Evil Places In Texas That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

Breakfast burritos, country music, the Alamo… many cultural and historical facets come to mind when one thinks about the state of Texas.

From days of the first frontier, to Mexican/Anglo influences, the Lone Star state has become a melting pot of culture, ethnicity, and unique lifestyles.

10 Evil Places In Texas That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

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Updated 2/11/2020 – But as Texans don their cowboy boots and go about their everyday lives, many fail to register the historical antiquity of the state.

Spanish conquistadors began to explore the area as early as 1519—not to mention the numerous Native American tribes that made pre-colonial Texas their home as well.

For centuries, France, Spain and Mexico built settlements, harvests, and lives for themselves in this region.

And who is to say the only thing they left behind was their cultural influences?

As a state wrought with history, it’s small wonder that many Texas towns and cities contain paranormal hotspots.

So many lives and civilizations have come and gone from this area, that there are some ghosts that will always call Texas home.

Today we will examine areas where spirits are more persistent than the rest.

These buildings and regions are considered the most haunted in all of Texas…and with good reason.

Beware: The 10 Most Haunted Places in Texas

10) Bragg Road Ghost Lights – Saratoga, TX

People have reported seeing mysterious, haunting lights on Bragg Road in Texas, and that's why it's one of the most haunted locations... but there are far more sinister places to explore.

Photo credit: southtexasparanormalsociety.com

Bragg Road is a place in Saratoga where strange phenomenon occurs on a weekly basis.

Locals report of a mysterious light that can be seen wandering not far from the road.

Now deemed as the Ghost Light, many attribute the light to a lantern, held by a resident ghost.

It’s said that a man once worked at the nearby railroad.

One day an unfortunate train accident occurred, causing the man to be violently decapitated.

Now, his spirit wanders along Bragg Road, searching in vain for his severed head.

Locals report the Ghost Light frequently, often accompanied by the sounds of a phantom train hurdling down the tracks.

Many say that if you listen closely, you can hear the shred of metal and the man’s head hitting the ground moments later.

9) Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville – Walls Unit – Huntsville, TX

The infamous Walls unit at the Texas State Penitentiary is a very creepy place, and one of the most haunted locations in all of Texas. Maybe all of America, too.

Photo credit: flickr/texashistoricalmarkers

Among Texas prisons, the State Penitentiary in Huntsville is the most haunted.

Although the building hasn’t been in use since the early 1950s, the area known as Death Row remains persistently active.

Those who dare to visit will likely experience the sounds of chains, clanging against the cell doors.

Some locals report hearing the sound of men crying, terrified of their inevitable end on the gallows.

It’s been said that those who dare confront these spirits will experience nightmares for weeks to come.

Dreams of hanging ropes, claustrophobia and nights spent in isolation chambers are all fairly common.

Be sure to bring an EVP recorder with you, as entities are known to follow visitors and whisper heinous things into their ears.

8) Yorktown Memorial Hospital – Yorktown, TX

The Yorktown Memorial Hospital holds the keys to some of Texas' most sinister hauntings.

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This 1940s hospital may have shut its doors in 1988, but many patients who have perished there simply refuse to leave.

Staff and visitors alike have experienced and witnessed many paranormal events and apparitions at Yorktown.

Among them is a very popular ghost named T.J.

T.J. died of a heroin overdose shortly after being taken to the hospital, but his tragic death hasn’t stopped him from joking around with the ladies.

Some former female patients reported feeling fingertips run along their legs and back in the middle of the night.

Even worse, some have reported having hallucinations, where heroin needles litter the ground.

7) Miss Molly’s Hotel – Fort Worth, TX

Miss Molly's Hotel is a historical landmark in Fort Worth, and with history usually comes some skeletons in the closet.

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In the olden days of Texas, Fort Worth was home to a very popular brothel.

Today, the building is Miss Molly’s Hotel, though it seems many spirits that linger there are unaware of this change.

Many guests have reported hearing female laughs and moans emanating from their bedrooms the moment they cross their thresholds.

These dead ladies of the night are also known for playing terrifying tricks on people as they examine their reflections in the bathroom mirrors.

It’s been said that your reflection may wear a different expression than you if you look closely.

Others are weary of the ghost in the Cowboy Room who is known to appear beside guests in bed as they wake from their slumber.

6) The Jefferson Hotel – Jefferson, TX

The Jefferson Hotel is a landmark in Texas, but some of the dark secrets of this place aren't so secret anymore...

Photo credit: nationalparanormalassociation.blogspot.com

Many rooms at the Jefferson Hotel are know to be paranormal hotspots.

It’s been said that guests are kept up all night, listening to the sounds of scratching on the walls when they are the only guests that have been checked in.

Those that are sensitive to spirits often get sick the moment they enter the hotel.

Many will hurry past certain rooms, unable to handle the emotional intensity undulating from within.

One recent guest has come forward with a ghastly account of a dark entity.

She said that for three nights in a row, something would wake her in the middle of the night.

When she would open her eyes, she would see a shadowed apparition hovering horizontally above her.

5) Spaghetti Warehouse – Houston, TX

Are you brave enough to learn about some of the sinister events that have taken place at Spaghetti Warehouse in Houston, TX?

Photo credit: h-town-visually.blogspot.com

The Spaghetti Warehouse of Houston is supposedly haunted by two distinct spirits.

Many years ago the building served as a produce store.

An employee there attempted to use an out of order elevator and fell to his death.

Many diners have reported seeing his ghost sitting at one of the tables by himself.

What they found most disturbing about the entity was that no matter the angle they viewed the spirit from, his back was always turned to them.

A woman also met her untimely death within the building, by falling down the flight of stairs and breaking her neck.

Locals have claimed that while they climb up the stairs to get to the second floor, they often feel her fingers keeping their hands on the railing.

Some children have heard her whispering in their ears to “be careful.”

4) Alameda Avenue – Fabens, TX

How can an entire road be haunted? Alameda Avenue in Fabens answers that question, and poses many more sinister riddles to those who drive it alone in the dark.

Photo credit: Google Street

A terrifying and angry spirit is supposed to haunt the intersection of Alameda Avenue and Leisure Lane.

It’s been said that long ago, a pastor of a nearby church would take a daily stroll along this road.

According to the rumors, one fateful night the pastor became possessed by a demonic force.

When he arrived home that night he promptly murdered his wife and children by way of decapitation.

He killed himself shortly after.

Those who have seen his ghost say that the experience is horrifying, but nothing compared to what follows.

One local reported that for two weeks following his experience, his eyes would bleed during the night.

Another local said that after seeing the pastor, every time she tried to speak, she would say everything backwards.

3) Martha Chapel Cemetery – Demon’s Road – Huntsville, TX

With a name like Demon's Road, it's already clear what one can expect to find at Martha's Chapel Cemetery...

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Bowden Road of Huntsville is so well known for being haunted, it has been nicknamed as Demon’s Road, and appropriately so.

Those who try to provoke the spirits here are often warned against doing so, as the entities that make this road home are very violent.

Many nearby residents have seen children running along the side of the road.

When the locals try to communicate with said children, the kids will stop moving, turn to face the locals and elongate their mouths so far, it would break the jaw of someone who was still alive.

Others have reported that unseen entities will follow them from the foliage, yelling out suggestions of all the ways they could commit suicide.

It’s been said that one local became clinically insane after hearing these malicious spirits.

2) Baker Hotel – Mineral Wells, TX

The Baker Hotel is an incredible building, loved by architecture buffs and paranormal adventurers alike.

Photo credit: ourruins.com

The Baker Hotel is supposedly haunted by a young woman who met an unfortunate end.

Once set as the rendezvous point between a wealthy man and his poor mistress, years went by until one day the mistress learned that her lover would be leaving her forever.

Utterly distraught, the woman is said to have climbed to the top of the hotel roof and flung herself into traffic far below.

Now, many brave explorers report that they hear somebody walking on the roof during the middle of the night.

One man dared to investigate the source of the noise, and when he got to the top he saw a pale woman in a bloody dress, crawling all over the roof, her limbs twisted and broken.

1) Abandoned Asylum – San Antonio, TX

They say this old San Antonio Asylum is abandoned, but anybody who has experienced the paranormal activity at this place knows it's one of the most haunted places in Texas.

Photo credit: flickr/Nitram242

Many asylums have a history of being haunted, but there aren’t many that can top the one in San Antonio.

The building sat abandoned for years and became the number one place to track down spirits.

Now used for the San Antonio Police, the building still boosts a heightened number of paranormal incidents.

Several of those who were brave enough to trespass onto the property now wish they hadn’t, on account of the vile entities they encountered.

One woman reported that a spirit barricaded her into a pitch black room for several hours.

The unseen apparition then proceeded to yell at her from all corners of the room, pushing her to the brink of madness.


Paranormal activity is reported every day across the country.

Disembodied voices and slamming doors are enough to spook any rational person.

But the locations on this list of haunted places in Texas are on a whole other level.

The spirits in these buildings and areas are saddened by their fate and angry for their losses, and they have no qualms about making their presence known to the living.

Proceed with caution if you dare to explore these paranormal hotspots… they are reserved for the kind of entities that can change your life forever, and certainly not for the better.