Amarillo: The Haunting of the Jackson Square Apartments

On September 28th, 2015, Amarillo lost a historic building that had been an eyesore for quite some time: Jackson Square Apartments.

Erected in 1926 as the Palo Duro Apartments, this place was lined with the pictures and lists of its residents over the years.


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Updated 2/11/2020 – However, time wasn’t kind to the building, making many of those who lived nearby happy to see it go.

But its run down appearance isn’t the only thing people on the block wanted gone.

The dark history, as well as the ghosts and demons which made Jackson Square Apartments their home, weren’t welcome on South Jackson Street anymore.

The Gruesome History of Amarillo’s Jackson Square Apartments

A magnet for crime, the building saw its fair share of blood, gore, and ghosts.

In fact, before its residents were evicted and its ugly walls were torn down, Jackson Square Apartments became the death place of 31-year-old Banquo “Ace” Dewond Logan.

Logan had been visiting his friend at the building to help him move out.

However, an ex-girlfriend wasn’t happy about the baby Logan and his current girlfriend were expecting.

So, after a heated argument, she allegedly began stabbing him in the neck and chest until he died.

And that’s just one of many stories you’ll hear or read if you plan to dig into the history of Jackson Square Apartments in Amarillo.

The Ghosts and Demons of Jackson Square Apartments

Almost all the residents of Amarillo have heard stories of the ghosts that once haunted this historic building.

A shadowy apparition haunted the second floor, guiding people towards the blood stains left behind after he was stabbed to death.

On the third floor, a pregnant woman used to be seen jumping out of the window.

Anyone who tried catching her would be surprised to see her disappear before she hit the ground.

The upper floors were equally as spooky.

One of the residents ran out screaming after he discovered the ghost of a man who hung himself in one of the rooms.

Another fainted out of fear when she opened the door one night to a ghostly gunman who told her that he’d kill her like the others who stayed there before her!

Even the children of the Jackson Square Apartments haven’t been spared by its paranormal entities.

While playing outside alone, a little girl heard a “hello” behind her and turned only to freeze where she stood for what seemed like ages.

The little girl had blood on her white dress and a bloody grin on her face. But she wasn't very happy. Folks in Amarillo still see her, sometimes.

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Levitating in the air was a girl her age, whose legs seemed to have been cut.

Wearing a white, blood stained dress.

Grinning in a sinister way, her white eyes shone eerily, and seemed to communicate her intentions telepathically.

The ghost laughed as she passed through the child, causing her to faint.

Ghosts aside, many residents have come across demons while staying in these apartments.

Back in the 1980s, a woman claims that she saw her father being taken away by “two dark figures appearing to resemble vampires”.

Her family later left the building for five years only to be welcomed by another demon.

While exploring the uninhabited third and fourth floors, the same woman saw a tiny creature “with a demon face, sharp teeth, but the body of a strong man”.

Gray-black in color, it smiled at her before hurrying away.

Needless to say, the family decided against returning to the building once they left it again.

While Jackson Square Apartments has been demolished, people walking by have felt invisible hands brush against them.

A few even reported seeing demonic entities sneer at them from dim corners.

So, don’t think that you’re safe just because the building is gone.


1601 South Jackson Street
Amarillo, TX
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