The Menger Hotel in San Antonio is Haunted by 3 Dead Sisters

Deemed as the oldest continuously run hotel west of the Mississippi, The Menger Hotel is an architectural and historic gem in San Antonio, Texas.

Built in 1859, this hotel has hosted thousands of guests over the years, some of which have found the Menger to be their final resting place.

Updated 2/11/2020 – Given its age, it’s small wonder that many are convinced the hotel is haunted.

A fact that several employees take pride in—especially since one of the hotel’s supposed ghosts is none other than Teddy Roosevelt.

Many lesser known spirits also haunt the Menger.

And there are three in particular that will go to drastic measures to make sure the living know they are there.

Menger Hotel Haunted by Three Dead Sisters

Local legend claims that three sisters checked into the hotel just four months after it had opened.

The youngest had recently ended an affair, and her two older sisters had decided it best to leave town.

Little did the women anticipate that the lover would come clean to the youngest sister’s husband.

That night, while the women slept soundly in a shared bed, the husband came to seek revenge.

The man took out a pistol and shot his wife in the head.

Knowing her sisters had known of the affair, he shot them as well.

He then arranged the bodies and gun to make the scene resemble the end result of a suicide pact.

The women were forgotten in San Antonio’s history—until they encountered a kindred spirit.

“I had never been to Texas, so when my brother asked me to visit him, I jumped at the invitation,” recalled Gloria F.

“I had just gotten out of a … not so wholesome relationship, and I was desperate to leave Tennessee.

I can’t remember which room I stayed in, but I remember the concierge telling me that it was one of the original fifty rooms that were built in 1859.

I’ve always been fond of ghost stories—that’s part of the reason why I chose the Menger to begin with!

Anyways, I had spent the entire day with my brother,” she beamed.

“It was a lot of fun, but by the end of the day I was exhausted, and so ready to return to my room to sleep.

Ghosts Seek Vengeance in San Antonio

The three sisters of the Menger Hotel in Texas.

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“I don’t know how long I was asleep for, but the sound of whispering woke me up,” Gloria said, looking agitated by the memory.

“I figured it was just kids playing in the hall, and I fell asleep again within minutes.

And that’s when I felt someone’s hand on my back,” she groaned.

“I jerked my head around and saw a woman.

She was wearing an old dress, like from the Victorian age of San Antonio, and she was sitting against the headboard.

“I couldn’t see her eyes in the dark, but I could see her teeth and they scared the hell out of me,” Gloria whimpered.

“They were jagged and exposed—as if her lips had rotted away.

I turned away from the woman, only to find one with a similar dress and mouth standing at the end of the bed, and yet another standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

I screamed so loudly, hotel security broke down the door to my room,” Gloria admits.

“The family next door was convinced that I was being murdered.”

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