10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Southern California

When it comes to haunted places, graveyards and cemeteries usually take first place.

With so much death in one place, there is something creepy and mysterious about these locations.

The paranormal activity of each place on this list will surely make you a believer in ghosts.

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Southern California

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10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Southern California

Updated 2/10/2020 – Paranormal activity is something that can make anyone shiver.

Below is a collection of the 10 most haunted cemeteries in Southern California.

This list has some familiar names of cemeteries and some may be new to you that you never expected to be haunted.

There are many unexplained events and ghost sightings at these cemeteries that will tickle your imagination – and scare you out of your skin.

#10) Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Culver City

This famous cemetery is in Culver City.

According to locals, there was a human skull that turned up in the branches of a tree at Holy Cross Cemetery.

There is a story as told by a Culver City local who passed an old man who had sunken eyes and blood dripping from his ears to his mouth near the cemetery.

When he turned back, the man had disappeared.

Some  late night visitors claim to see spirits dancing on graves.

#9) Oak Park Cemetery, Claremont

According to rumours, people have seen sightings of small grey apparitions running around at night.

These apparitions have been known to attack people.

Shadow-men have also been seen by many people.

A local claims to have captured a winged apparition on video.

Many have seen orbs moving in and out of a Gargoyle tombstone.

There is also a tall winged creature that walks down the driveway. This has been witnessed by a few people.

#8) Evergreen Cemetery, Riverside

This cemetery is located a few blocks from the Mission Inn in Riverside.

This is the oldest cemetery in the city and is the final resting place to the founders of the city.

According to locals, sometimes, a green, glowing mist is seen here.

Ghosts of those who have died due to the influenza epidemic of the early 20th century have been seen by many people.

One ghost hunter has even reported that he has seen ghost children during a night time visits.

#7) Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is the resting place of over 5,000 pioneers and Native Americans.

According to rumours, various spirits have been seen roaming here.

A ghost of a female lady haunts this place who was apparently murdered here.

She is felt by many people as a cold and dark mist.

Many visitors have felt the touch of something in the shadows during sunset.

People also report a dark apparition and two ghost entities said to be Spanish or Indian guards.

#6) Cemetery of the Holy Sepulcher, Orange

Surrounded by many beautiful rolling hills, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is located in Orange, CA.

This cemetery is the resting place for many Diocesan priests and religious people.

According to locals, a woman in white roams the cemetery at night.

People have seen a candle burning at all hours of the night, even when the wind blows up.

The shape and color of it changes.

No one knows who the woman is or why she roams there.

#5) Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a site where many Hollywood stars are buried.

There is a rumour that the ghost of Clifton Webb dressed in a suit haunts the Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum.

Many visitors claim to see strange flickering lights and hear whispering voices.

Some of them have experienced a cold air swirl around them that leaves a cologne fragrance in the air.

A few locals claim to see the ghost of Rudolph Valentino, who wanders the streets of the city and stops at his grave site.

#4) Nordhoff Cemetery, Ojai

Located in Ojai, according to rumours people have seen a dog that moves without making any noise but possesses an ominous growl.

Some visitors report receiving scratches and feeling weird vibes when they enter this cemetery.

Recently, a group of friends claimed a white figure followed them through the graveyard until they left in a hurry.

The figure vanished once they passed the bounds of the cemetery.

#3) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego

According to rumours, many people have experienced paranormal activities including strange voices and odd sounds.

Many people have claimed to see hazy translucent figures at night.

A group of sailors have seen the figure of a Marine in a World War II uniform walk past them, walk behind a tree and suddenly disappear.

One man reported hearing the sound of artillery being fired.

Immediately after hearing the sound, an apparition of a young girl dressed in “old timey” clothes appeared.

As he moved away she grabbed his hand and began to scream.

Terrified, the man ran and said he hasn’t returned since.

A team of paranormal investigation has reported that they have recorded the sounds of two men whispering on their digital recorder.

#2) Fallbrook Masonic Cemetery, Fallbrook

The Masonic Cemetery is an old cemetery that has a history of entities haunting it.

For years, visitors have claimed that when they touch the trees in Fallbrook, a hot surge of energy is felt.

Some report seeing a young woman in a black dress, who floats above the ground and leaves flowers on the grave of her beloved.

#1) Sunnyslope Cemetery, Beaumont

Many paranormal activities have been reported here.

Strange noises, cold spots, and sudden stomach pains are experienced by some visitors.

Many people have reported feeling a cold hand touch them when they stand near certain headstones.

There is said to be a ghost of a groundskeeper who roams around the cemetery and when people try to approach him, the ghost disappears into a shed and is never seen again.


If you want to experience something paranormal, visit one, or more, of the cemeteries on this list.

But remember that some ghosts do not want to be disturbed.

So keep an eye out, and keep your wits about you.

You never know what might follow you home!