Griffith Park: Ghost Attacks Man Playing Pokemon Go

There have been all sorts of scary stories about the negative side effects of playing Pokemon Go.

People have come across dead bodies hidden in the woods, they’ve gotten hit by cars, they’ve been robbed by thieves who lured them over to ambush them, and plenty of other things.

Griffith Park: Ghost Attacks Man Playing Pokemon Go

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Updated 2/10/2020 – This game has gotten an entire generation of kids who grew up on the couch, to go play outside again.

It’s done the same for many adults, too…

Dangerous Games in Griffith Park

One of those adults is a man that we’ll call “Adam”, for the sake of his own privacy.

Adam grew up playing Pokemon, he collected the cards, he’d never miss an episode of the TV show after school.

When he heard about Pokemon Go, it was a huge shot of nostalgia that he couldn’t pass up.

So, like millions of other Americans, Adam downloaded the Pokemon Go app and decided to hit up Griffith Park to see what he could find.

It was late evening, moments away from officially being considered nighttime.

He was wandering around the park, and noticed many other people doing the same.

Adam was having the time of his life.

He dreamed about a real life version of Pokemon when he was a kid, and now it’s real.

He walked under a scraggly tree, and felt something scratch the back of his neck.

He turned around and in front of him appeared to be the apparition of a young woman with yellow eyes.

He told us the scratch was deep enough to draw blood.

As she stared at Adam, she hissed:

“You don’t belong here!” 

Some other players started to walk by, and the apparition faded away.

They ran up to Adam and asked what happened…

Griffith Park Spirits

He found her huddled over by one of the Griffith Park washrooms, covered in blood, writing on the walls.

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He told them about the crazy ghost that attacked him then disappeared.

One of the guys said his friend saw a girl in the bathroom, covered in blood, keeping a tally on the wall.

She was angry that all the people at the park were “disturbing her ground”.

They believed it was a joke at first but when she suddenly disappeared they thought that maybe she was a spirit of someone who died in the area long ago.

So, the next time you’re heading out to play Pokemon Go, be careful.

They are a lot of things that can happen to you if you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings.

Or maybe just delete the game right now…

But we both know you won’t do that.

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