Paranormal Proof at Elsinore Naval Military Academy

We’ve been planning on doing an article on the abandoned Elsinore Naval Military Academy for some time but had been busy with other projects.

However, on our Paranormal Facebook page, Angel Vemich posted, “If anyone’s looking for a real adventure check out the abandoned boys military school in Lake Elsinore, my kids went and had fun yet said there was a ‘chilling’ feeling.”

Paranormal Proof at Elsinore Naval Military Academy

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Well…if our readers wanted us to do a piece on Elsinore Naval Military Academy, it was finally time to make it happen.

So here were are!

A Little About the Abandoned Elsinore Naval Military Academy

The beautiful interior of the abandoned and haunted Elsinore Naval Military Academy in Lake Elsinore California

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Located at 15891 Grand Ave #3, Lake Elsinore, the building is both alluring and haunting despite starting to exhibit signs of decay.

Built in the 1920s, plans to make it into the Southern California Athletic and Country Club fell because of the lack of funding.

So, in 1933, it opened as a military school for boys in grades one to twelve.

By the time it closed in 1977, the Elsinore Naval and Military Academy had 150 to 200 students, many of which were sons of wealthy parents including foreign dictators and the son of actor Bela Lugosi from ‘Count Dracula’.

After 1977, the school became a hot spot for vandals and squatters.

It’s possible that one of these groups was responsible for the 1980s fire which started in the main lobby and spread across the classrooms.

Despite being worn out and possibly awaiting a wrecking ball, the Abandoned Lake Elsinore Military School still comes to life with the paranormal.

Brushes with the Paranormal at the Elsinore Naval Military Academy

Creepy staircase at the haunted Elsinore Naval Military Academy in Lake Elsinore California

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Since it closed down, the academy has been riddled with rumors of ghosts.

These were further fueled by nearby residents’ reports of lights, noises and figures in the middle of the night.

Now you must be thinking that these were caused by the vandals or squatters, but there are records of paranormal incidents there.

In addition to Angel’s daughter, who reported a “chilling feeling” at the academy, many paranormal investigators have had encounters at the naval military academy.

Paranormal Investigation

Brad Bruce from wrote about his team’s experience, writing:

“On our first investigation we split up into a few groups and started filming in night vision and doing EVP work.

I heard a very clear voice of a man what sounded like kicking rocks and mumbling.

But when we charged the sound we found nothing.

In the basement [one] of the team members was pulled back while walking another when he was alone in the basement taunting his arm was grabbed, and one of the female investigators was touched on the neck in front of me, and I watched with my own eyes as a scratch formed on the back of her neck.

Some of the EVPs revealed a woman communication with a team member, when he said you don’t have to be afraid of me she replied “I know” the stills revealed only a few orbs or dust.

He continued, “On the second part of the investigation another female team mate and I were in a large room where there were two big fireplaces on either side of the room.

We both heard a large bang on one of the boarded up doors.

And she began feeling very light headed almost nauseous.

It seems that almost all of us there had some sort of paranormal experience…”

Before packing your bags and heading to Elsinore Naval and Military Academy, make sure to be prepared for more than ghosts.

Directions to Elsinore Naval Military Academy

Ready to investigate this place for yourself?

Keep your eyes open and Click Here To Get Directions To The Elsinore Naval Military Academy.

Note that trespassing isn’t allowed so if you visit, you do so at your own risk.

Also, there are several satanic symbols on the walls within.

While some may be graffiti, you can’t be too careful in this haunted naval military academy.

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