Malevolent Specters in the Walls of the Historic Hotel Denison

During the 1800s, Denison, Texas was not home to a respectable hotel for a growing town.

With support from the locals, plans were quickly made.

A hotel was built in the year 1884.

Malevolent Specters in the Walls of the Historic Hotel Denison


Updated 2/11/2020 – Unfortunately, the Victorian style hotel did not last.

On January 24, 1920, a fire erupted at the hotel.

A handful of employees and guests were trapped and soon engulfed in flames.

The hotel was destroyed, and for the following two years the town of Denison was weary of starting a new project.

But soon, everyone in town realized that the small hotels that still operated simply would not do.

They needed an upscale hotel that would be a place of luxury and tourism.

Thus on September 4, 1923 plans were officially laid out.

Businessmen Simpson and Crumpton backed the project, along with the help of the State National Bank.

Construction was finally finished, and the hotel had an open house on October 1, 1924.

All the townspeople of Denison were invited.

For out of town guests, this history is not common knowledge.

But Henry certainly wished it had been when he toured Hotel Denison last year for a ghost hunting trip.

“I probably would have still checked it out, but when things started to go awry…

I would have known why,” he reflected.

Were They Souls Who Lost Their Lives in the Denison Hotel Fire?

Have you ever stayed at a haunted Hotel before?

“The trouble started an hour after I arrived at the hotel.

I wandered a bit, looking around.

I remember walking through the hotel and seeing a couple of people running down the halls.

“But there was something funny about them,” he frowned.

“Like you could see them, but you couldn’t focus on their faces.

Each whipped around a corner and ran out of sight.

“It was strange, but not something to be alarmed about—and nobody else at the hotel seemed to be.

So I took out some snacks from my bag, ate a meal, and wandered around some more.

As I ate my apple, I began to notice strange sounds coming from the room next to mine.

“It was almost as if someone were walking on the wall, slowly pounding their feet with each step,” he described, clapping his hands together for emphasis.

Nothing appeared to be wrong, but there was something going on that made me feel strangely uncomfortable.

I decided to call it an early night so I could leave that bizarre hotel and figured I’d come back the next day.

“But I never made it back the next morning,” Henry admitted.

“In my own hotel, that night I woke up to the sound of the heavy feet, climbing up the wall.

I reached out to call the front desk when a human form, made all of mist, walked through the wall and into my room.

“My friends insist that I was still dreaming, but I most certainly wasn’t.

The misty form traveled from the room with the loud noises into my own.

It glided around my bed, not seeming to notice me at all.

Whatever it was, it had followed me back from the Denison, I’m sure of it.

“The moment it sank through the other wall, I began to panic and grab my belongings together.

It didn’t matter if the ghosts at Denison seemed nice, it was freaky, and I wanted nothing more than to get out of town” Henry nodded.