Terror In The Trees: Did Abuela Warn You About La Lechuza?

Has a Lechuza ever called your name?

Latinas in California know better than to whistle three times at midnight as that’s an invitation to one of the fearsome Mexican paranormal entities: La Lechuza.

Terror In The Trees: Did Abuela Warn You About La Lechuza?


Updated 2/10/2020 – Haunting the former part of Mexico, especially San Diego, she haunts the sky after dusk or nightfall, swooping down and carrying away the people she fixates on.

Who is La Lechuza; Real Bruja or Just a Legend?

The face of La Lechuza, an evil witch that transforms into an owl.

La Lechuza is an old witch (bruja) who sold her soul to the devil in exchange of magical powers.

As a result, she can transform into a large bird.

However, she can be identified by her head, which is that of a hideous old woman.

Some legends state that multiple women act as La Lechuza in their territories, flying through the night to find prey.

Some Say She’s Just a Myth But Others Believe Differently

Another version of the story states that she was once a witch that was murdered by the locals.

Seeking revenge, she took this form.

Other tales claim that La Lechuza is the vengeful spirit of a woman, who returned from her grave for the sole purpose of tormenting the living.

Dangerous Lechuza Sounds

Regardless of her origins, the aftermath is the same.

This Mexican terror would perch where she can’t be seen and then attract her prey through strange whistles or the sounds of a crying infant.

Anyone who dares to step out of their home to find out the source of the sound would then become her dinner.

Some stories go on to claim that the witch-bird would swoop down at cars traveling down deserted roads at night.

How to Identify La Lechuza and Protect Yourself

La Lechuza Witch Sighting

Photo credit: youtube/Jovan Jimenez

La Lechuza has been known to summon storms.

Therefore, if you notice thunderstorms out of the ordinary, chances are that she’s behind them.

If you see a large owl, a bird many believe to be the origin of this Mexican legend, lock yourself up and don’t come out regardless of how loud the unseen ‘baby’ cries through the night.

To defend yourself, use salt as she fears it badly.

You should also begin cussing her out upon hearing her call to drive her away.

Just don’t try to be brave and face her. Many have tried and never lived to tell their tale.

According to respected mystics and mediums, even the few who survive enough to talk about her tend to pass away in a few days under mysterious circumstances.

So heed your abuela’s advice and don’t step out after midnight if you hear strange whistling or baby cries.

Has a Lechuza ever called your name?

What scary experiences have you had with this witch?

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