10 Creepy Waterfront Trails in Texas Perfect for A Haunted Hike

Texas is home to rodeos, BBQ, and waterfront trails, ideal for escaping the busy nuances of everyday life.

But scattered among these picturesque trails are forests and lakes with a dark history.

What occurred in these state parks and natural springs is unknown to historians, but today these trails are most decidedly haunted.

10 Creepy Waterfront Trails in Texas Perfect for A Haunted Hike

Photo credit: flickr/Jim Denham

Ten Creepy Waterfront Trails in Texas That Are Perfect for A Haunted Hike

10) Galveston Island State Park – Galveston, TX

Galveston Island State Park is a popular place to spend some time walking along the waterfront trails. Maybe that's why so many people have had creepy paranormal experiences there?

Photo credit: flickr/zkmusa

Updated 2/11/2020 – This state park is surrounded by swamp lands, and creaky old docks that rest on top of the water.

Many resident Texans now refuse to visit this state park, as they believe a demonic spirit haunts the area.

When a couple of photographers came to snap photos of the park, one of the group members was seen talking to a dark shadow beside a tree.

When his friends called out for him, the man returned to them by walking backwards.

His friends claim that when he tried to walk normally, he would begin foaming profusely at the mouth.

He returned to normal after having his soul cleansed by a local Priest.

9) Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway – Mineral Wells, TX

This shows the live oak campground. Be warned... not everything around here is live.

Photo credit: flickr/anth0phile

This beautiful state park is ideal for hikers of varying skill levels.

8 miles of trails are interlaced through the park, but some are more dangerous than others.

Recently, a group of hikers who frequently visit the park started claiming that they heard disembodied footsteps following them through their hikes.

When one of the group members pointed it out to his friends, they heard a disembodied voice telling him to ‘be quiet.’

8) Mount Bonnell – Austin, TX

As far as mountains go, exploring this one is relatively comfortable with trails and buildings... at least until it gets dark outside.

Photo credit: flickr/vivve

This stair-centric trail is worth the extra effort, as a magnificent view of the Colorado River can be seen from the top of the Bonnell Mountain.

Just be weary of strangers when climbing up and down the steps…

Many visitors have claimed to have seen a veiled woman wearing a black dress on the stairs.

When they turned back to, once again, look at her unusual outfit, the woman mysteriously disappears from sight.

7) Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX

This national park is filled with sights to see, and numerous ways to enjoy the natural beauty. And the supernatural beauty, too.

Photo credit: flickr/ruggybear

Smith Spring sits at the base of the Guadalupe Mountains, and provides water to the park’s plethora of wildlife.

However, according to local legend, a little girl drowned in the spring many decades ago.

Many local residents claim that if you visit the spring at night, you can see her ghostly silhouette, wading into the water.

Said residents knew that she was a ghost when she submerged herself under the water and did not resurface again.

Other visitors have warned about some of the old stone buildings, and that they should be avoided during the night time.

At all costs.

6) McKinney Roughs Nature Park – Cedar Creek

Campers have reported seeing strange performances on the stage at night.

Photo via: yelp.com

At this beautiful nature park, hikers can experience and enjoy rolling meadows, deep canyons, and the Colorado River.

Recently a couple were hiking along the Riverside Trail when the woman started to become frightened.

On the other side of the river were four shadowed apparitions, following the hikers on their journey.

When asked about the apparitions, the woman said that they looked like a group of friends of hers – friends that died in a tragic car accident two weeks prior.

5) Lost Maples State Natural Area – Vanderpool, TX

This is one of the most beautiful trails in all of America, but they say that during the night, the trees look like they're bleeding.

Photo credit: flickr/Ken Erfurth

This colorful park boosts over ten miles of hiking trails and varying elevation levels.

One trail, that is said to go up 2,200 feet, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young man.

It’s rumored that when the young man discovered his lover had had an affair, he climbed to the top trail in the park and threw himself down the mountain.

Many hikers claim to see his apparition on the trial, his broken neck bent in an unnatural position.

4) Gorman Falls – Colorado Bend State Park, TX

Gorman Falls are located in the lovely Colorado Bend Start Park in Texas, but please be out of here before it gets too dark.

Photo credit: flickr/mircapture

If you make it through this three mile trail, and 70 foot waterfall is your reward.

A local favorite amongst Bend residents, mystics, and mediums, many of them have started to believe the waterfall is haunted by unseen spirits.

They claim that if you reach out and get close to the falling water, disembodied voices and screams can be heard.

When one local took a picture of his daughter near the fall, two ghostly faces appeared right beside hers in the photograph.

Later that night those same faces appeared in his mind as he closed his eyes.

3) Santa Elena Canyon – Big Bend National Park, TX

Santa Elena Canyon is in Big Bend National Park, and it's one of the most haunted outdoor locations in Texas.

Photo credit: flickr/dawncoyote

This enormous canyon is ideal for kayaking and swimming, as it is split in half by the Rio Grande River.

Recently, a couple came to canoe in the river within this beautiful park.

While padding downstream, a pair of ghostly white hands appeared from out of the water and titled the canoe until both the man and woman fell into the river.

They claimed that they managed to swim to safety, but those cold pale hands kept grabbing at their ankles while they swam to the shoreline.

2) Big Thicket National Preserve – Lumberton, TX

There's something really creepy about being out here with a group of people, let alone when you're all by yourself...

Photo credit: flickr/jtwilliams10

Locals have started to say that this large and intense forest is one of the most haunted in the entire state.

According to local legend, a family once built a cabin in the woods and lived there for many years.

However, one day one of the sons in the family got into an argument with the rest of the family and murdered them while they slept.

Now, visitors claim to have seen the son’s family wandering through the forest in blood soaked, period clothing.

1) Barton Creek Greenbelt – Austin, TX

The Greenbelt along the Barton Creek is a very nice place to hike and explore, but don't go alone.

Photo credit: flickr/darkroom_light

The eight mile Greenbelt trail is nestled in the gorgeous Zilker Park.

Many Austin residents believe that the area was once home to a small Native American Tribe.

When they were forced to leave the area, it’s believed that the Native Americans put a curse on the land.

When a group of teens decided to camp within Zilker Park last year, they woke up the terrifying sounds of Indian chants and drums surrounding their tent.

When they tried to flee, two of the teens fell and broke their legs.


Sometimes danger and paranormal entities are scattered amongst the beautiful foliage and babbling brooks.

Be careful as you explore these Texan trails…you never know what may be watching you.