10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

Are you interested in the most haunted hikes in Texas?

Want to experience the terror of coming face to face with children possessed by spirits?

Think you’re brave enough to take a night hike at White Rock, home of the White Witch?

10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

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Updated 2/11/2020 – The great state of Texas has a rich history of paranormal activity, and that includes haunted Texas treks that scare even the bravest visitor.

You might think that you can handle scary walks, but we dare you to go on some of these trails late at night.

Many of these trails are spots infested by dark spirits, lost souls, and murderous energies.

To this day, curious visitors who hike to these areas often disappear.

It’s not known if the disappearances are coincidence or if they are linked to the spirits haunting these locations.

A real psychic medium who visited several locations on this list believes there are no coincidences.

If you decide to visit some of these spots, be smart, be safe, and take someone with you.

You do not want to be here alone, especially if you decide that you want to try these hikes at night.

And now, for your enjoyment in terror, I present to you…

10 Haunted Texas Hikes That Will Terrify You

1. Albany Rail Road Tracks

1 - Albany Rail Road Tracks - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

When making your list of hikes in Texas, put the rail road tracks in Albany on your list.

Years ago, a train traveling on the tracks derailed near this town, killing 37 children who were on board the train.

Locals, and some online psychics believe the spirits of the children remain near the tracks, and are desperate to leave the area.

People who walk along the tracks often report feeling small hands reaching for them.

In 2008, a mother reported that out of curiosity, she came here with her 6 year old son.

As they neared the tracks her son suddenly stiffened, his entire body going rigid, and he began speaking in an unintelligible language.

Terrified, the mother picked up her son and ran back to the car.

Upon reaching the car the boy began crying hysterically and begged to be “let go”.

Photo credit: flickr/tehkts

2. Witch Mountain

2 - Witch Mountain - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

During your nature walks, you might want to try and find the hidden cabin on Witch Mountain.

Or maybe you shouldn’t.

The mountain is outside of Cedar Hill, and people report seeing a well-lit cabin at the top of the mountain at night.

When they hike up the mountain and reach it, most find nothing.

However, a few have reported finding an old, decrepit cabin, with three young girls standing around “a gutted dog with intestines spread around the area”.

The few who witness this say that the girls urgently beckon them to come closer.

Photo credit: flickr/lrod

3. Shafter Lake

3 - Shafter Lake - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

One of the most famous Texas hikes is around Shafter Lake which is north of Andrews, Texas.

You can get to these spots (there are several ways to walk around the lake) by taking Highway 385, but think twice before you choose to visit the lake.

The area around the lake has a sinister reputation.

In the 1900s, a smallpox epidemic hit the town and killed over 3/4 of the population.

Women, children, parents, and grandparents all died horrible deaths, leaving their homes untouched.

Some of those who remained were desperate and sought advice from a nearby resident considered to be a witch.

The witch advised them to drink a mixture of various herbs and ingredients.

It’s believed that this concoction was highly poisonous and hallucinogenic.

Those who drank began acting erratically, attacking other townspeople.

Several townsfolk gouged out the eyes of their children claiming it was “for their salvation”.

The eyeless spirits of these children are said to still wander around lake at night and play together.

Warning: If you see these children do not approach them.

If they ask you to join in their games, refuse, and do not approach.

In 2004, two urban explorers visited the area and witnessed the children playing.

When asked to join, one explorer refused, the other agreed.

As he approached the children he suddenly screamed out “My eyes! I can’t see…

I’m blind!” at that moment one of the children jumped up and exclaimed, “Finally, I have sight!”

The child hurriedly ran towards the first explorer who had refused the game.

Terrified, the explorer turned and ran leaving his friend behind.

Returning with a larger group the next day, the explorer who went blind couldn’t be found.

He is missing to this day.

Locals have said that they will contact a psychic medium to aid them in the next search.

Side note: Strangely, the lake itself is not always there.

Sometimes Shafter Lake dries up completely, and other times it is filled with salt water instead of fresh water.

Some believe the water level holds the key to witnessing the eyeless children.

Photo credit: westtexasphoto.com

4. Anson Lights

4 - Anson Lights - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

While you go hiking, you should take a trip to see the Anson Lights.

In order to see these mysterious lights, you will have to walk down a small, winding dirt road to the cemetery nearby.

Locals say that a mother lost her child in the winter, and he was never found again.

She pined away looking for him and died of grief.

Today, visitors report seeing her walking toward the cemetery at night with a lantern, hunting for her lost child.

Photo credit: flickr/34549032@N00

5. River Legacy Park

5 - River Legacy Park - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

This may be one of the famous haunted Texas trails, but it is still worth your time.

During the Civil War, many Union spies had to walk this path before they were hung by the Confederate army.

The Hells Gate point of the hike was the last place they would see before they died.

Some visitors say that their ghosts still walk the trail restlessly from the trail beginning to Hells Gate, retracing their last steps.

Photo credit: flickr/oneryarlys

6. Falfurrias – the Hills

6 - Falfurrias – the Hills - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

On your trip, stop by Brooks and the Hills to the west of Falfurrias.

Hundreds of years ago, a woman was hung here, accused of witchcraft.

She proclaimed her innocence to the end however, at the moment of her death witnesses report a vague shadow leaving her body and heading towards the hills.

People who hike the hills today often report seeing a dark figure sitting in the trees appearing to watch their movements.

Some have reported a tightening sensation around their neck.

Photo credit: flickr/41188626@N04

7. Soldiers’ Water Hole

7 - Soldiers’ Water Hole - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

Hikes near Brady must include a walk to the Soldiers’ Water Hole, which is a historical marker outside of the town.

Hundreds of years ago, a group of soldiers were camped near this water hole, guarding women and children.

In the middle of the night, a band of Indians snuck up on them, stole the horses, and massacred everyone.

Now visitors who hike to the water hole report that they can hear cries for help and arrows whistling past in the dark.

Photo credit: flickr/wyldkyss

8. White Rock Lake

9 - White Rock Lake - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

If you head to the White Rock Lake near Dallas, you may see the famous white lady on your frightening adventure.

Visitors say that she was driving back from a party late at night in the 1920s when the car spun off the road and landed in the lake.

Her friend survived, but she drowned before anyone could rescue her.

Now people say that she appears on the side of the lake and asks for help, then disappears.

Photo credit: flickr/wadegriffith

9. McDow’s Hole

8 - McDow’s Hole - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

On the trail to McDow’s Hole in Alexander, you will go on one of the scariest walks of your life.

While the trail to McDow’s Hole is not particularly challenging, visitors see many different signs of paranormal activity along the trail.

In the evenings, a ball of light sometimes appears and chases the hikers, even though there is no explanation for this light.

The scariest part of this hike is the ghosts who haunts this path.

In the 1800s, a man and a woman moved to a small house in the area to raise their young son.

The father left to go farming each day, and once while he was out there was a raid by Native Americans in the area.

Once the man returned, he found that his wife was killed and the baby was missing.

Later, he discovered that his child had been killed and thrown into the creek along the trail.

After finding his dead son and seeing the decapitated body of his wife, the husband threw himself into the creek and drowned.

Now their restless spirits haunt the trail, all the way from their home to the end of the creek at the last point of the trail.

Visitors report hearing a baby crying at different points along the trail, and some have even seen the bloody body of a woman along the path.

Be careful if you choose to visit this hike.

Photo credit: flickr/100951264@N06

10. Camp Lulu

10 - Camp Lulu and Title - 10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

This abandoned park near Brownsville is one of the most haunted hikes in Texas, bar none.

It’s an abandoned summer camp for girls, and people who are brave enough can walk through the camp property.

A counselor went insane years ago and killed the girls during one summer session, and their spirits still wander on the camp paths.

You can hear the girls playing and shouting on trails throughout the camps.

In 2006 a hiker reported finding a hidden, run down, cabin.

Even though there was daylight remaining, the windows were “completely black and something small seemed to be peering out”.

He entered the cabin to investigate and found a room full of dolls.

Thinking nothing of it he turned to leave the room and from behind heard, “Hi.”

Turning, he stated seeing a creepy doll sitting in a chair which was empty just moments before.

He then began to hear whispers throughout the cabin.

The hiker reported that he immediately ran out of the cabin and never returned to it.

Since then he experiences a sharp reoccurring pain in his left ear.

Photo credit left: mysterious-hills.blogspot.com
Photo credit right: flickr/ultramanu

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