Here Are The 10 Best Restaurants To Spot A Ghost In Texas

Texas is known for many great things because in Texas you don’t just do something, you DO IT.

You go all out.

That also applies to the flavors of delicious food, with a sprinkling of southern inspiration.

Are you in need of a new favorite restaurant or meal?

Would you also enjoy the possibility of seeing a real spirit?

Here Are The 10 Best Restaurants To Spot A Ghost In Texas

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Updated 2/11/2020 – The ten places below are considered the best restaurants in Texas, especially if you’re looking forward to an extra helping of ghouls and ghosts.

So whether you’re passing through the lone star state or you’re a native and proud of it, consider enjoying your next meal out at one of these spots.

Here Are The 10 Best Restaurants To Spot A Ghost In Texas

10) Tyler’s Barbeque – Amarillo, TX

At Tyler’s Barbeque everyone, including Tyler himself, will make you feel like they are your best friends when you come to this casual, ten table joint.

Enjoy the décor, riddled with cowboy boots along the walls.

Order an array of barbeque heaven at the counter, then find a table in the cozy dining room.

Sometimes you may have to wait for a table here…but one bite of their BBQ, and you’ll understand why.

Every once in a while you may see a paranormal investigator at Tyler’s.

Customers sometimes report seeing their plates move on their own.

9) J.P. Bombers – Corpus Christi, TX

Don’t judge (or miss!) this casual restaurant by its less-than-beautiful exterior…

This restaurant may be small and unassuming, but it is considered one of the best burger joints around.

Up for a challenge?

Order the S.O.B.—a 48oz burger, free if you eat it in less than thirty minutes.

Some locals avoid this restaurant because they feel they have been struck by an angry spirit the last time they dined there.

Despite this, the staff is always friendly and welcoming.

8) Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen – Laredo, TX

Cheddar’s may be new in town, but you’d never know it by its now loyal dinner crowd.

Enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere as you are waited on by exemplary, attentive staff.

Many folks continuously rave about their buffalo chicken bites and their Wisconsin cheese bites as well.

However, despite its ever growing popularity, a few Laredo residents refuse to step foot in the trendy new restaurant.

They have heard stories where the apparition of a dead woman was seen standing facing one of the corners in the restaurant.

A few guests were so unnerved by the creepy figure, they abandoned their (delicious) meal early.

7) Uchi – Houston, TX

Uchi is definitely one of the best restaurants in Texas for sushi.

Regular visitors recommend newcomers take advantage of happy hour, and to try everything on the menu—including the amazingly delicious vegetarian dishes.

Not only does Uchi have wonderful fare, but the interior itself is very beautiful.

It is classy and sophisticated all at once.

Enjoy a round of noteworthy Brussel sprouts and fish as you and your friends search for the yurei, or Japanese ghost, that is said to haunt the restaurant.

Some diners will report seeing the ghost underneath his or her table looking up at them.

6) Café Unique –  Midland, TX

Tired of the usual Tex Mex fare? Then Café Unique is the right restaurant for you.

This café offers up a Venezuelan take on many inspired dishes.

Enjoy an authentic empanada or a side of fried plantains.

Be sure to check out their array of delicious juices, and their praise-worthy sugarcane and lime drink to properly jumpstart your weekends!

According to local legend, a young boy once lost his life in the building before it became Café Unique.

Some believe they have seen the misty form of the boy walking behind the establishment.

5) Craft and Social – El Paso, TX

Not only is Craft and Social considered one of the best joints in El Paso, some consider it one of the best restaurants in Texas to boot.

This hip and trendy restaurant has simple décor, and long tables that encourage strangers to engage in conversation over their meals and drinks.

Explore their wide selection of craft beers with your buddies.

The icing on the cake?

The crew at Craft & Social play old movies on a projector within the restaurant.

A few visitors claim they’ve seen a shadowy figure fumble with the projector, but nobody has been able to identity this strange, dead visitor.

4) Leon Valley Café – San Antonio, TX

This café is the definition of hole in the wall.

But don’t let its less than grand exterior within a strip mall cause you to re-think a visit.

This quirky and beloved restaurant offers upscale dining within a warm, friendly and personable atmosphere.

With just five tables, the place may be a struggle to get into a first, but the chef’s intricate attention to detail, and the Chef’s wife’s talent for desserts and pastries, makes this café a true gem.

A few former employees believe that a tricky ghoul lives in the kitchen and likes to open the cupboards by itself.

Consider a trip to see for yourself!

3) Salty Sow – Austin, TX

The Salty Sow has a perfect casual atmosphere, and a large back patio that is ideal for enjoying the crisp fall weather.

Experience the pride of this restaurant, shown through friendly and knowledgeable staff that are always happy to make recommendations.

All the dishes are served family style, so you can try as many things at once.

Several locals swear by the crispy Brussel sprouts!

Other suggest their varied beers on tap, as their prices are heavenly.

Want to see a ghost?

Be sure to try to get the table that is farthest from the front door…some people claim a spirit will spill your drinking glass when you aren’t looking.

2) Sasi’s Thai Restaurant – Brownsville, TX

In an area exploding with some of the greatest Mexican restaurants in the state, consider this refreshing Thai restaurant in Brownsville a change of pace.

This family owned restaurant takes great pride in its menu and its ability to offer up something different to the community.

Enjoy a most delicious papaya salad, and be sure to order a yummy bubble tea, either with your meal or as dessert.

Recently a local family said that a strange young man with all black eyes sat at their table and scared their son while they dined there.

They were convinced that the man was supernatural in origin.

1) Hopdaddy Burger Bar  – Dallas, TX

The folks at Hopdaddy are future oriented…their ingredients are all locally and sustainably sourced.

Their extensive list of local beers is quite a crowd pleaser too.

But what Hopdaddy is particularly known for is their amazing gourmet milkshakes and their truffle fries.

Enjoy the trendy atmosphere, and the upbeat, nostalgic 90s soundtracks.

Also be careful when you visit the restrooms…some folks have reported seeing phantom hands reaching for them underneath the bathroom stalls.

Those who have seen it believed it was an ordinary person at first—that is, until they went to wash their hands and saw that the stall beside theirs had been empty the entire time.

Have you eaten at any of these restaurants?

What did you experience?

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