Haunted Buffalo: The Hanged Boy of Medaille College

In 1875, the Sisters of Saint Joseph founded an institution for the training of female teachers in Buffalo, New York. Medaille College, then known as Mount Saint Joseph Teachers College, did not become the full-fledged co-educational college it is today until 1968.

Like any college that is haunted, stories of ghosts and evil spirits are a common occurrence on campus.

Haunted Buffalo: The Hanged Boy of Medaille College

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Dead Students Lurk at Medaille College in Buffalo

Updated 2/9/2020 – Sightings of former students sitting in classrooms are not altogether uncommon.

Many have also heard about a boy who supposedly hanged himself on the fourth floor of the main building on campus.

Upperclassmen like to tell new students that they shouldn’t walk around the fourth floor alone at night—they just might see the dead boy, hanging from the ceiling.

But nobody seemed to know why the boy killed himself.

Until now.

Third year student Hannah J. heard about the boy much like everyone else when she first came to Medaille.

“I took that story very seriously,” she recalled.

“I tried to avoid that area of the fourth floor as much as I could.”

But a few months ago she found herself attempting to make contact with the boy using a Ouija board.

“I was at a party, hanging out with a relatively new group of friends,” Hannah said.

“When they brought out the board, I didn’t want anything to do with it…but I also didn’t want them to make fun of me, either.”

“You know how it is,” she said, a touch embarrassed.

“We called out to the boy, but nothing happened at the time.

“Hours later I went back to my dorm and fell asleep.

“I woke up on the fourth floor, exactly where the boy supposedly died.

Haunted Buffalo: The Hanged Boy of Medaille College

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“It really creeped me out, because I’ve never sleepwalked before or since then,” Hannah said, getting goose bumps as she recalled the incident.

“I immediately ran back to my dorm.

“The following night, I woke up there again.

Ghostly Revelations

“But this time, I saw the boy, hanging on a rope from the ceiling,” she whispered.

“I screamed like hell and ran again.

“When it happened the third night, the boy was not only there dangling, but he began to speak to me!”

Hannah cried.

“He said ‘you all know me, but you don’t know why.’”

“Well, despite my utter fear, I thought this was such a strange thing to him to say.

“’What do you mean?’ I asked him.

“It was really sick, watching a boy talk as he dangled by his neck, but I couldn’t seem to look away.

“The boy replied. ‘It was the only way I could get away from her.’”

From who?

“That’s exactly what I asked,” Hannah nodded.

“’From the nun who beat me at night,’ the boy explained.”

“I asked the boy to tell me more, even though my stomach turned at the thought.

‘When I first joined the school, she told me that I looked like a boy who tormented her as a girl.’

‘That night, I woke up in my dormitory to find her standing over me, with her hand wound back.’

‘She hit me over again, but only in places that were covered by my school uniform.’

‘She came back every single night.’

“Of course I was sickened by what the boy was telling me, even as the sight of his dangling feet still scared me.

“I told him that I was sorry for what happened to him, and that I was going to cut him down from the ceiling.

“But when I came back with a pair of scissors he was gone, and I haven’t seen him since at Medaille or anywhere else in Buffalo,” Hannah shook her head.

“Maybe all he needed was to tell someone his story.”

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