This Texas Lake Is The Epitome Of A Paranormal Hotspot

There is a lake in Woodway, Texas where true evil seems to lie.

While out of towners like to visit Rainbow Lake for its refreshingly cool water and recreational possibilities, many locals have avoided this area for years.


The Scariest Place in Woodway

Updated 2/11/2020 – Over time, residents of Woodway have begun to report paranormal activity in the area.

The lake, along with the surrounding woods, has been the site of walking apparitions, disembodied screams, and the eerie sensation of being watched.

A few locals have even reported that the area was once the site of ritualistic practices.

When Emma (All names have been changed for privacy), a Woodway native, was old enough to take notice of these rumors, she thought they were positively terrifying.

However, as she grew older and started going to high school she made a friend who told her it was all a load of garbage.

Zoe had been living in a house that backed up to the lake all her life and had never experienced anything of the sort.

When It Goes Too Far…

The Scariest Place in Woodway


“She was so confident about it all, that it instantly put my mind at ease,” recalled Emma.

She asked me if I wanted to spend the night, and I had no trouble saying yes after that.

I figured if someone who lived by the area all her life had never seen anything, then it must have been just an old myth.

“We watched a movie and painted each other’s toenails.

It was getting late when somehow we got on the topic of the hauntings of Rainbow Lake again.

I told her I believed her, despite hearing stories for years growing up,” Emma said.

“’Well, how about I prove to you once and for all that it’s fake?’ she suggested.

I was instantly weary and anxious by the idea, but she kept insisting.

‘You’re my friend, and I want you to feel comfortable coming here anytime,’ she reasoned, and pulled out a Ouija board from under her bed.

“We snuck out of her house and carried the board to the lake.

It was very dark already, and the borderline of trees did not make me feel any less afraid of what we might discover out there.

But Zoe put the board down and placed our hands on the planchette without a care in the world,” Emma shook her head.

“’If there is any spirit around us who lives in this area, please make yourself known by speaking with us through the Ouija board,’ Zoe said, in a ceremonial type of voice.

We sat there in the sand for a few minutes, and then I heard the faintest sound of chanting coming out from the woods.

Zoe looked both freaked out and excited and told me to follow her as she ran into the trees.

“’Zoe, please this is a horrible idea, can we please just go back to your house?!’

I pleaded with her as I ran to catch up.

She had disappeared into the woods when I saw something appear out of nowhere to the right of me.

I skidded to a halt, seeing what looked like a robed and hooded apparition turn and follow my friend.

“Moments later I heard Zoe scream, and I had to run in there, no matter how afraid I was.

I found her on the ground, with her ankle twisted at a sickening angle.

‘I thought…

.I thought I saw…God, it hurts,’ she cried out.

“Her parents say she must have tripped over an exposed tree root, because Zoe is always tripping and falling on things.

And I suppose that’s possible,” Emma admitted.

“We don’t discuss that night, but I know we both believe something else attacked her that night.

“The rumors in Woodway are true, and I saw it, whatever it was, that night.”