Startling Reports Of Ghosts Who Ruin Your Pictures At Devil’s Den

Many paranormal investigators believe in a direct correlation between violent untimely deaths and hauntings.

Those who die before their time are believed to harbor resentment of the incident which keeps them replaying the occurrence even after death.

If this is true then it explains why Devil’s Den in Gettysburg is so haunted, as it not only deals with one person’s untimely death, but thousands.

Startling Reports Of Ghosts Who Ruin Your Pictures At Devil's Den

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Updated 2/9/2020 – One of the most notoriously haunted places in Pennsylvania, Devil’s Den has been known to harbor ghosts and apparitions of fallen soldiers of the Civil War.

It all started in 1863 when Confederate and Union troops ensued in the bloody battle of Gettysburg.

The battle lasted for three days and in the end an estimated 50,000 Americans lost their lives.

It was known as the turning point in the civil war with the catastrophic death toll.

Many areas of the battlefield are set with paranormal activity, the most active being Devil’s Den.

This rocky area filled with massive boulders has a unique layout that allowed sharpshooters to lay low undetected while they took out hundreds of troops passing by.

Photographers on the scene were reported moving the many dead bodies off the trail so they could get a better picture of the battlefield.

Because many of these men were moved from their final resting place it is commonly believed that they were never able to move on into the afterlife.

They now reputedly haunt this area of Devil’s Den.

Among many of the manifestations in this area, it’s reported that the ghosts often interfere with people trying to take pictures.

The haunted Devil’s Den in Gettysburg Pennsylvania

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Tourists have reported entering the area with a fully charged camera and then in mere seconds the battery life is completely drained.

There have also been reports of people that are lucky enough to take a photo have their footage imprinted with a ghostly presence.

Some who have taken pictures in Devil’s Den have images of blurry apparitions of soldiers or weapons that weren’t there when the picture was taken.

Some pictures taken of green grass become black when the film is developed.

Others that have journeyed into the area report sightings of actual ghosts.

Many claim they have witnessed paranormal sightings of young men in uniform.

The sightings say ghostly apparitions will appear and then disappear frequently around sunset.

What’s even creepier is that people who do not have an extensive knowledge of the Civil War are able to accurately describe a soldier’s uniform by detailing what they saw on the ghosts.

Not all the apparitions are that of fallen soldiers however.

Allegedly the first casualty of the battle was an unsuspecting woman in a nearby house who was accidently shot through the window.

The ghost of the woman can now be seen in various spots in Devil’s Den, most people accurately pointing out what she’s wearing in connection to authentic Civil War era clothing.

With the theory that the more untimely the death the more paranormal activity will happen in a certain area, it is no doubt that the creepy Devil’s Den has elements of some strange supernatural forces.