How to Start Seeing Angels: 5 Simple Steps

Questions about seeing angels? You're in the right place.

Questions about seeing angels? You’re in the right place. Photo: Nesster

Angels are divine beings that come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms.

Many people believe in them and have experienced their presence.

Many others believe in them yet have never seen them before.

Our goal today is to show you exactly how to start seeing angels.

Knowing exactly what to look for, and where to look, is the key to experiencing the wonderful presence of angels yourself.

Updated 2/11/2020

Understand the Signs

Angels don’t always make themselves known in an upfront, outright manner.

Oftentimes, the signs of angels are much more subdued.

Angels leave subtle hints of their presence that you must be able to detect on your own.

According to, the top 10 signs that angels are near are:

  1. Feathers appear
  2. Coins appear
  3. Butterflies appear
  4. Symbols and images in clouds
  5. Messages in dreams
  6. Repeating patterns of numbers appear
  7. Sense a temperature change or goosebumps
  8. See a sparkle or orb of light
  9. Hear a spoken message, often as a song lyric
  10. See printed signs, such as a book opened to a certain page

Signs of Angels goes on to state that feathers are among the most common early signs that angels are near.

The organization insists that a small white feather is the so-called “calling card” of angels looking over you.

Know What Angels Look Like

What if I tell you that chances are you’ve already seen an angel in your life?

No, I’m not kidding.

Most people have actually seen an angel but failed to recognize the phenomenon for an angel.

Watch this video for more information on how to see the angelic realm:

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Most angels appear to people as bright sparkles or orbs of light.

You most often see these out of the corner of your eye.

Upon turning to face the light, you likely won’t see anything any longer.

A glow around another person might also be an angel.

In cases like these, you are actually seeing an angel that is following another person.

Just like the orbs of light, these types of angels often disappear once you look directly at them.

Don't let your doubts keep you from seeing an angel.

Don’t let your doubts keep you from seeing an angel. Photo: Madison Berndt

The reason for this is that angels are very sensitive creatures.

That’s why the key to seeing angels is being in a relaxed, open state.

Indeed, this is exactly why children so commonly see angels.

Children are often much more open to spiritual beings.

They can often see angels in their full form: wings, halos, and all.

Realize Your Doubts and Fears

Doubts are fears are the biggest limiting factors to most people regarding seeing angels.

If you doubt the existence of angels, it will be much harder to see them.

They know how you feel about them and will only make their presence known if you are calm, relaxed, and have good intentions towards them.

The same goes towards fear of angels. states that if you’re afraid, angels will keep to themselves, even if they’re offering you guidance and wisdom in other ways.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Angels will largely keep to themselves unless you express a desire to see them.

That’s why setting your intentions is so important.

Make your desire to see your guardian angel known by saying it out loud.

Closing your eyes and imaging a bright orb of light coming to you can also help you tell angels you want to see them, according to Willow Soul Heals.

Know Where to Look

Angels are beings of pure light and love.

Angels are beings of pure light and love. Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

The natural state of angels is as pure, high-frequency beings often created from light.

Though angels most often appear as signs (like those discussed above), you can sometimes see them in a more physical form through meditation and other relaxation techniques.

The same goes for seeking out other enlightened people.

As mentioned above, angels can often be seen as a glowing aura around others who have opened themselves to them.

Final Thoughts

Seeing angels is something that everyone can do with a little know-how.

Use the 5 top tips outlined above to further increase your chances of experiencing the beauty and power of angels yourself.

Remember that the most important steps are to keep an open mind, make your intentions clear, and look out for signs that an angel might be in your presence.