Chills at the Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery

Welcome to Rosemead, California.

Home of the Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery.

Since 1846, when the original owner of the land upon which this chilling historical site is built first stumbled on the two graves which would become the cemetery on display today, Savannah Memorial has been the final resting place for countless people, including – at one time in its history – orphaned children.

Chills at the Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery

Photo credit left: Brett Weber right: deviantart/asconch

Updated 2/10/2020 – It must be the case that these children – along with some of the other natives of this cemetery – are restless in some capacity or another, because this particular pioneer cemetery has a lot of paranormal activity going on around and inside it.

Paranormal Activity at the Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are fairly common here, for one thing.

“Oh, I come out here and get four, sometimes five different conversations in the course of an evening,” says one paranormal researcher, a self-styled psychic named Theodore with an impressive gray beard and a ponytail which has been dyed black.

He means, of course, that he takes a digital recorder out with him to the cemetery, and picks up the electronic voice phenomena, which he apparently can parse into conversations later.

When asked if any of the beings he’s come into contact with or heard have been scary, he flaps an impatient hand at me.

“Of course not,” he says.

“These are largely children, you know, just running around in the afterlife much the same way as they probably ran around in this one.

“They’re not hostile, and the people who think they are just don’t know a lot about this sort of thing.” He snorts.

“They ought to go elsewhere for their ghost hunting, and leave this place to those of us who understand it’s a peaceful place of rest.”

Not everyone has the same experience as Theodore, however.

Sinister Ghosts Reside Within This Historical Landmark

Sinister Ghosts Reside Within The Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery in Rosemead, California

Photo credit: deviantart/asconch

“I heard a banging noise coming from the utility shed near the perimeter once,” says a woman, who declines to give her name and is visibly shaken throughout the interview.

“I just thought maybe it was one of the gardeners or something.

“To calm my nerves I even joked to myself that maybe it was Doc Holliday coming back from the dead to say hello.

I know that sounds dumb.

“Anyway, I was just kind of touring through there, you know, and I figured…oh, hell, I don’t know what I figured.

“Maybe I thought someone needed help or something.” She laughs.

It is not a good laugh.

“Turns out it was me who needed the help.

I came around the corner and there she stood, this horrible mute figure looking at me.

“She looked like a corpse that had been dug up a week or so after burial.

What I mean is she looked dried and drawn up, like she had turned into people jerky or something.

“And her face had too many eyes, like she was born with a deformity or…I don’t know.

“I didn’t wait around to find out anything more about her.

She didn’t even make a sound, but I sure did.

“I screamed and ran.

I ran and ran until I got to the edge of the cemetery and I ran out to my car and drove off.

“In a lot of ways,” she says, and again laughs that unpleasant little laugh, “I’m still running.”

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