Scary Videos: Real Ghost Caught On Baby Monitor

*Please Scroll Down To Watch Video* There are mysteries we encounter that even science can’t explain. Some scary videos we come across leave us all dumbfounded.

Scary Videos: Real Ghost Caught On Baby Monitor

One such mystery is the real ghost footage caught on a baby monitor (seen below).

Scary Videos: Real Ghost Caught On Baby Monitor

It would be a nightmare for any parent to see something weird going on inside their baby’s room.

In the video you’ll watch below, baby Ruby is peacefully sleeping, curled up and comfortable under her blanket.

When suddenly, baby Ruby notices something…a white figure with an indiscernible head and body appears over her.

It hovers over the baby and glides from the left side to the right.

It appears to be shrink as it floats towards the wall. Then, the figure vanishes for a moment.

However, another white figure appears over baby Ruby. But this time, it is larger.

Instead of moving from side to side like the first figure, this one just hovers over baby Ruby for a few moments, and once again, it floats towards the wall.

The larger white figure appears again after a few moments. Now, the image is more discernible.

Some viewers who have seen this ghost footage claim that two faces can be seen on the white figure.

One is of a young girl and the other is of an old lady. The baby is unharmed but the ghost caught on tape definitely gave her parents quite a scare.

After seeing this kind of video, it you may think twice about leaving your baby alone even for just a moment.

We’ve heard reports from other parents that other types of paranormal phenomena have been caught on their baby monitors.

Things like disembodied voices and creepy music coming from nowhere.

Of course, not everyone is convinced that these are paranormal in origin. Some claim that the baby monitors could be hacked.

However, with baby Ruby’s video, an answer about how the white figures appeared isn’t so easy to come by.

Unlike videos with disembodied voices, the ghosts in this video cannot easily be explained.

Watch the Real Ghost Footage

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