Beware The 3 Terrors Haunting Mission San Miguel Arcangel

Mission San Miguel Arcangel is a famous California landmark that almost everyone has heard of.

Many tourists visit this site, and if they haven’t yet, then they’ve likely heard about it, as it’s constantly listed among the greatest places to visit in the United States.

Beware The 3 Terrors Haunting Mission San Miguel Arcangel

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Updated 2/10/2020 – The reason for the popularity of the site is that it’s over 200 years old, and is an integral part of California history.

But here’s something else you might not have known:

Mission San Miguel is haunted by a trio of spirits.

Greed and Ghosts at Mission San Miguel Arcangel

Unfortunately, the earthquake that reeked havoc on Mission San Miguel isn’t the only account of tragedy that’s reported to have happened at the church.

Locals tell the tale of Mr. Reed.

Apparently, this man had bragged that he was very rich, and had a good amount of gold to his name.

He even bragged that he had it hidden under the church.

Unfortunately, this was a huge mistake on his part, as greed of others would lead to his untimely demise.

It’s said that a gang of British pirates came to town, and heard the rumors of Mr. Reed and his hidden gold under the floor of the church.

The pirates visited the Mission, which is where Reed and others were staying.

The pirates, after questioning Mr. Reed about the gold, ultimately killed the man, and the other people inside the church.

It’s been said that the ghosts of those people who lost their lives that day are still occupants of the Church, and can be seen through the windows at night.

It’s believed that if you hear them whisper your name and you turn to look, they will inhabit your body for a brief period of time.

The Red Terror

Tourists that have visited Mission San Miguel Arcangel report seeing a red humanoid figure with horns, wandering the grounds at night...

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If you’re thinking about visiting the Mission after dark, you may want to think twice.

There’s been numerous reports of tourists that have visited the site, and spotting a red humanoid figure with horns, wandering the grounds.

The figure appears to fade in and out as if between worlds.

No one knows what the creature is searching for but those who have seen it report that are instantly overcome with feelings of despair and dread.

On the way home, there have been multiple reports of people having to pull their car over, and come to a halt, because they suddenly become physically ill.

People who have the misfortune of stopping at night have reported seeing small, red lights roaming in the brush.

To make matters worse, some have said that within a few days of seeing the red creature, someone in their close family is involved in a tragedy.

This could be coincidence, but some believe it’s related in some way.

The Lady In White

It’s been said that one of the most popular ghosts that haunt the grounds are that of the lady in white.

There’s a ton of debate as to just whom this spirit could be, but some people think that it may be Mrs. Reed.

After the devastating earthquake, there were tons of workers that were elected to repair the church.

Unfortunately, a lot of these men stayed at the site, and reported seeing the lady in white.

One worker said that he was working in the church when he heard footsteps coming his way.

He thought it was one of his co-workers approaching him, but when he turned around, there was no one there.

Upon further investigation, all of the crew members were outside enjoying their lunch.

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