Santa Paula: Paranormal Activity at The Glen Tavern Inn

Keep your wits about you and be prepared for a chilling stay at the Glen Tavern Inn.

Located at:  134 N Mill St, Santa Paula, CA 93060 (USA), it has become a famous destination for avid ghost hunters.

The history behind the Glen Tavern Inn includes many hauntings, which include a spirit known as “Calvin” – who is tall with long, white hair and a goatee.

Santa Paula: Paranormal Activity at The Glen Tavern Inn

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Some believe him to be a cowboy who was shot and killed over a game of cards.

Apparently his likeness has even been captured on film by some fearless ghost hunters.

Paranormal activity varies from ghostly children running through the corridors to an angry man and a one-eyed female apparition.

They are both believed to be haunting room 307 – which is considered to be the most haunted room.

The one-eyed female is a chilling spirit – often scaring visitors out of ever returning.

It’s like a nightmare, except you’re awake for the entire experience.

One guest described it as if the one-eyed ghost was being murdered again and again, over and over, while he watched.

They say she only has one eye, and her face is covered by a hand that stops her from screaming.

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Some say that one of the spirits likes to play the piano in the dead of night, while others like to steal visitor’s belongings.

The Seedy Past of The Glen Tavern Inn

During prohibition times, murder and prostitution was the order of the day.

Over the course of time, the inn was used as a brothel, a gambling parlor and speakeasy.

It is reported that many Hollywood stars visited the inn, especially during the Golden Era of film.

Crafted in the English Tudor style, terrified visitors say “It has a cozy atmosphere – apart from the creepiness.”

One report mentions the ghost of a cowboy – whose bloodied cowboy hat was found with two bullet holes, behind a wall.

During renovations, some workers noted that they saw the ghost of a little girl that could walk through walls.

“We nearly quit we were so scared!”

Many frightened visitors have reported seeing or hearing ghost children running up and down the stairs.

One of which is the specter of a little girl who wanders down the hallways while while giggling.

Other accounts tell of being awoken to the sound of knocking on doors and spine tingling whispers.

Santa Paula Poltergeists

A variety of poltergeist activity is common – such as belongings suddenly being knocked off dressers by invisible hands.

One guest said that in the middle of the night, her makeup kit was violently tossed against the wall and broken.

Guests have said that staying here was a thrilling experience, but would think twice before returning.

Many advise that the most intense activity occurs in room 307.

One visitor told of an aggressive male ghost who likes to let you know that you are not welcome in your room.

Guests report having trouble sleeping.

Not due to noise or being uncomfortable, but due to the presence of spirits.

It’s as if the ghosts want the entire hotel to themselves.

A beheaded prostitute also haunts room 307 – with reports stating that her body was found in the closet.

The creepy sounds of whispering and random knocks are enough to make your hair stand on end.

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134 N Mill St
Santa Paula, CA 93060
United States