The Cursed Ghost of the Woodbine Hotel in Madisonville

In 1904, the Shapira family opened the Woodbine Hotel in what is now Madisonville, Texas.

Originally called The Shapira Hotel, the inn remains the biggest and oldest building in the county.

The Woodbine has been renovated extensively, however the original hotel started off with sixteen guest rooms and only indoor plumbing in the section of the house where Joe and Sarah lived.

This hotel has been around for over a century, that's a lot of time for evil to accumulate in Madisonville.

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A Dark Cloaked Entity is Haunting Madisonville

Updated 2/11/2020 – The rumor mill turns in Madisonville, and many stories center around the Woodbine.

Many seem to believe the hotel is home to a ghost named Clara.

This ghostly woman is the supposed culprit of many broken dishes, and a mirror that repeatedly falls off the wall.

But there’s one woman who believes that the spirit of Clara gets a bad rap.

Caitlin encountered an entity there and she believes that compared to this oppressive spirit, Clara is nothing more than an innocent young spirit, attempting to move on.

Can you tell us about this other entity you encountered while at the Woodbine?

“Absolutely, though I would hardly recommend going looking for her yourself,” replied Caitlin.

“I believe the entity I met has been at the Woodbine for a very long time, but she rarely makes herself known to anybody.

Bad Luck Manifested

“The trouble is, she’s incredibly hard to describe,” she said, hesitating.

“You know when you stare into the light too long and you get that speck in your eye?

“The kind that right when you think you can look at it, it escapes you?

“That is how this entity moves.

“Her dark grey cloak seems to have a life of its own, turning corners before her and following unnaturally after,” she said with a vague gesture.

“She has long golden hair that falls out from beneath a deep hood that keeps her face hidden at all times.

The Cursed Ghost of the Woodbine Hotel in Madisonville

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“The only part of her body that I’ve seen is her hands…

“…thin, bony fingers with long, pointed nails.”

And where did you see this horrific woman?

“Oh, everywhere,” Caitlin replied with a grim nod.

“When I first arrived at Woodbine, I saw her in a field across from the hotel.

“After I checked in and made my way to my room, she was standing at the end of the hall, half hidden in shadow.

“It terrified me—it still terrifies me.

“I spent a week and a half at Woodbine, and she was in every room that I entered, like she always knew where I would be.

“You don’t know what a bad night’s sleep really is, until this woman is sitting in the corner of your hotel room as you try to close your eyes.”

And you think she breaks the dishes and tosses the mirror on the wall?

“I think she’s the reason why the boarding house the Shapira family had on the site was burned down to the ground in 1903,” Caitlin said quite seriously.

“I think she’s the reason for every broken dish, every nightmare a guest has, every incident of theft, every unfortunate incident in Madisonville, maybe.

“I think what that woman is… a bad omen in human form.”

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209 North Madison Street
Madisonville, TX
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