The White Apparition of The Jupiter Lighthouse

In 1853, the Jupiter, Florida community realized a large stretch of the inlet was not marked with light for approaching boats.

With the Cape Canaveral lighthouse on one side, and the Hillsboro Lighthouse on the other, they decided it was time for one in Jupiter.

The White Apparition of The Jupiter Lighthouse

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Work was slow going, due to the Third Seminole War, but the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse was eventually completed in 1860.

Adventure Turns Deadly in Jupiter, Florida

Today, the lighthouse remains as a safety beacon for the inlet.

In the past few years, it’s been rumored that tourists have begun to experience bizarre cold spots and weird electro-magnetic phenomena while visiting.

Some believe the Jupiter Lighthouse has developed a haunting while others believe there’s another explanation.

The historic lighthouse is drafty, and naturally shrinks and expands from moisture in the salty air.

Biology student Olive is of the latter category—or at least she was once.

“My mom is obsessed with visiting lighthouses, so I got used to exploring them growing up,” she said.

“So when my friends planned a weekend trip to see the one in Jupiter, I was actually pretty excited.

“We found a nearby campsite the night before and spent the night partying.

“None of us were feeling especially well the next morning when we set out to see the lighthouse,” Olive admitted with a cheeky grin.

“The route there had a lot of curves, and my stomach turned with each passing moment.

“By the time we had parked the car, I was sure I would be sick.

“I told my friends to start the climb without me and that I would catch up with them in a bit.

“They opened the large metal door and began to climb up Jupiter’s long flight of stairs.

“Meanwhile, I became uh, ‘friendly’ shall we say, with a nearby bush,” she laughed.

“I was finally started to feel like myself, when I heard my friends’ voices grow loud within the lighthouse.

“Their footsteps grew loud too, and suddenly picked up their pace.

“I could tell that something was wrong.

The Ghostly Light Keeper

“They came tumbling out by the time I reached the door.

“Each of them looked a bit pale and were out of breath.

“’What’s with you guys?’ I asked, looking from one frightened face to the next.

“’Olive, I think there’s something up there,’ my friend Monica whispered.

‘What do you mean…?’

“’She means that we felt…a presence,’ supplied Mary.

This is one of the last things you'll want to run across if you're in Jupiter.

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“I looked at them all and laughed my butt off.

“’As in you think it’s haunted?’ I scoffed.

‘It’s an ancient lighthouse, you guys…it’s going to be noisy, especially on a windy day like this.’

“’Okay, then you go up there,’ snapped Monica.

“So I did.

“I began to climb the metal stairwell, still amazed at my friends’ behavior.

“The air grew colder as I climbed, but that was to be expected.

“My stomach was in knots, but that was also not surprising,” she shrugged.

“I had almost reached the top when an apparition formed three steps above me.

“A tall figure formed out of white mist within seconds.

“I could make out two dark eye sockets and a gaping mouth, but the lower half of its body remained a white mass.

“He reached a bony large hand to grab me when I fainted and started to fall down the stairs.

“When I woke up my friends were gathered all around me at the bottom step.

“My experience was so frightening at Jupiter, that I haven’t been to another lighthouse since,” she said.

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