The Sad Ghost of a Murdered Little Boy Haunts This Texas Mine

While the San Miguel Lignite Mine in Christine, Texas isn’t that old as far as mines go, it has recently developed a rather notorious reputation.

According to local rumors, two teenaged boys decided to break into the mine a few years ago.

As they explored, they began to discuss a pretty girl at school.

The Sad Ghost of a Murdered Little Boy Haunts This Texas Mine

Creepy Texas Mine

Murder in Christine

Updated 2/11/2020 – With horror, the boys realized they were both in love with her.

An argument quickly ensued, and the two boys took to pushing each other around violently.

One of the boys stumbled backwards and fell—hitting the back of his spinal cord against a rock.

The boy was rushed to the hospital, but sustained fatal injuries.

Riddled with guilt, the other boy convinced himself he was a murderer, and felt it was impossible to move on and enjoy his life.

A week after his friend was declared dead at the local hospital, the boy swallowed a bunch of pills and took his own life.

Despite the fact that he died at home, two men who worked at the mine reported seeing his apparition, wandering aimlessly deep in the mine.

Rumor began to spread, and Tiffany (Name changed for privacy), who was cousins with the boy who sustained the spinal injury, heard about the haunting.

“At first, it was hard to believe,” she said, her voice already wavering with emotion.

“It was hard to lose my cousin, but hearing that his friend had committed suicide AND was supposedly haunting the mine?

I found the news unbearable.

I started to have dreams about both boys, and something in my subconscious compelled me to sneak into the mine and try to find the ghost.

“I just…I wanted to tell him that my cousin’s death really wasn’t his fault,” she murmured with a shrug.

“So I went by myself, as scared as I was.

It felt like a very personal errand, not to be shared with any of my friends.

I took a headlamp and slowly made my way down into the mine, listening for any movement around me.

“Naturally, it felt cool inside the mine, so deep underground.

But that cool air felt somehow supercharged, like there was some strange energy around me.

I began to wonder if maybe it was the ghost.

A Soothing Message

A Soothing Message


“So, without overthinking everything I began to talk to the boy.

I told him who I was.

‘I’m here because I wanted to tell you that what happened…

It wasn’t your fault.

I know my cousin doesn’t blame you.

And you shouldn’t blame yourself.’

“And with that I sat on the ground and began to cry.

The energy around me seemed to spike with an electrical charge.

I began to grow frightened,” Tiffany admitted.

“I stood up to leave when I felt somebody approaching me.

I stood absolutely still, holding my breath.

Out of nowhere, I felt the touch of someone’s hand on my shoulder.

“It was icy, but nonthreatening.

As it drifted off again, I realized that I felt a surge of positive emotions—kindness, acceptance, friendship—and I knew that I had been touched by my cousin’s friend.

He was telling me that everything was going to be okay, everything in Christine would return to normal.”