Is the Hutchinson Museum in Borger Home to an Energy Vortex?

Hutchinson is a small scale museum located in the heart of Borger, Texas.

Originally built in 1927, the historic building is now dedicated to historical information and artifacts from the town when it was first forming, many decades ago.

Nobody is quite sure whether the building itself was already haunted or if the contents of the museum lured spirits there, but many locals in town agree…the Hutchinson County Museum is haunted.

The Mysterious Landscape

Updated 2/11/2020 – One Borger resident, who requested he remain anonymous, used to work at the museum a couple years ago.

“Even before I started working there, the place was known to be haunted,” he said, nodding.

“Eerie whistling, the sound of footsteps behind you when nobody was there…

Everything about it was creepy, but these things happened so often, we all became a little desensitized to it, ya know?

“It happens enough times that you come to expect it, and it no longer scares you like it once did.

After about a month or so of being there, I got used to it.

I convinced myself that I was okay, working in a haunted place,” he shrugged.

Is Borger Home to Some Kind of Lost Energy Vortex?

Where does the leather and cloth end, where does the face begin?

“But just when you think you’ve seen and experienced it all, something new—something far worse—occurs.

It was early, and I was supposed to open the museum up on that particular day,” the man recalled.

“I went about my usual morning business, turning on all the lights, started up some coffee.

“I had just turned the machine on when I thought I heard something move in the basement of the building.

Every once in a while we get a small rodent down there, so I figured I should investigate.

I went down the steps and began looking around…and that’s when I noticed the painting.

“The painting itself was incredibly ordinary, just a landscape.

But what puzzled me was the fact that it hadn’t been there the day before.

It hadn’t even been there the night before.

“Yet there it was, hung up on the basement wall out of nowhere.

I took a couple steps closer to the painting, studying it.

The more I stared at it, the more disoriented I began to feel,” the man muttered.

“It wasn’t a physical ailment that came over me, it was more like…

I was losing sense of who and where I was.

As if I was overcome by some spiritual energy.

When I blinked and looked away from the painting I was shocked to see that thirty minutes had gone by.

I could have sworn that I hadn’t been down in the basement for more than five,” he said, with a small shudder.

“I went back upstairs and I called each and every single one of my colleagues.

Everybody swore that they had not put the painting there.

Nobody knew where it had come from.

“Throughout the day, I found myself back in front of the painting again, but I was never sure how I got there.

I would literally be dusting the displays one minute, and then I’d blink and I’d be down in the basement, in front of the creepy painting.

The last time it happened, I looked down at my watch and saw that an entire hour had gone by without my knowledge.

“I became so frightened, I quit not long after the painting showed up,” the man whispered.

“I still haven’t found suitable work in Borger, but I’d rather be unemployed than anywhere near that painting again.”