10 Haunted Roads In East Texas That Will Make You Piss Yourself

East Texas is considered one of the most haunted areas of the entire United States.

Historical cities and towns such as Houston are now riddled with spirits, from the bloody Civil War and beyond.

But not every ghost resides in a house or public building.

10 Haunted Roads In East Texas That Will Make You Piss Yourself

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Updated 2/11/2020 – There are some specters who like to appear near the place where they died…or where their bones are buried.

If you live in East Texas, or are planning a trip out there soon, be sure to check out these nine haunted roads.

Their stories will chill you to your very core.

Enjoy…and be careful!

Beware These 10 Haunted Roads In East Texas

10) Bowden Road – Huntsville

Bowden Road is also known as Demon Road, and if youve spent any time at this haunted Huntsville location, you already know why.


Bowden, better known as Demon’s Road by the locals, is a long and winding street that leads to the Martha Chapel Cemetery.

In 2006, a group of paranormal investigators were driving up Bowden when they saw the ghost of a little boy on the side of the road, crawling upside down like a human spider.

When the photographer approached the boy, the ghost vomited a strange substance all over the camera, which began to melt.

The photographer was so terrified, he quit his job on the spot.

9) Stagecoach Road – Marshall

Stagecoach Road in Marshall Texas is more haunted than even the most paranoid visitors could ever even imagine.


Legend has it that this road has been cursed since the early 1800s.

Forced out of New Orleans, a voodoo priestess once moved to Marshall.

But the townsfolk were terrified of her powers and hung her from a tree on Stagecoach Road.

Now, her spirit has been spotted wandering along the road whenever there’s a full moon out.

Those who have seen her claim she carries a shrunken head in her hands while she walks.

8) Cherokee Trace – Gilmer

Cherokee Trace in Gilmer, Texas is fun for the family, but be weary of the deceased.


It’s said that there once was a gruesome accident on Cherokee Trace many decades ago.

A woman and her three daughters were run over by a pickup truck after their car broke down on the side of the road.

Today, their ghosts still linger where they died, appearing in front of cars on foggy days.

They still wear the bloody dresses each of them died in.

7) Bascom Road – Whitehouse

Bascom Road is one of the most haunted in Whitehouse, TX.

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Two years ago a group of traveling college students were camping along Bascom Road when they began to hear a harsh rustling in the nearby foliage.

When they investigated they couldn’t find a person or animal in sight.

However, later that night, two of them woke up and saw a ghostly figure walking through their campsite, seemingly looking for someone.

In her right hand was a large butcher knife, ready to strike.

When one of the campers called out to the woman, she charged at him but disappearing at the last moment

6) Monkey Bridge – Athens

The Monkey Bridge in Athens is one of the few remains from a satanic cult, along with the evil energy that surrounds this Texas hellhole.


According to historians and respected mediums, when the town of Athens was first developed, legend has it that a circus was supposed to come to town.

But all of the circus performers and animals died when their train was derailed just as it approached the town.

Now, local residents claim that on the last night of each month, apparitions of the animals can be seen walking over Monkey Bridge.

Folks in Athens believe that looking into any of the animals’ eyes will cause their heart to stop.

5) US Hwy 79 – Carthage

Carthage, TX is home to one of the most haunted highways.

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Years ago, Carthage’s reputation as a safe town was marred when a violent young man attacked and killed his sister in her home along the highway.

During an argument, he stabbed her multiple times then drowned her in the bathtub.

In 2013 a young couple were driving along…the longer they stayed on the highway the harder it was for them to breathe.

They struggled until they turned the car around and sped off in the other direction.

The young man said he saw a figure walking toward them in the distance while the young lady described their experience as if they had been underwater.

4) Patterson Street – Houston

Patterson Street looks rather unassuming, but come back at night to see the true terror Texas has to offer.

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Paranormal enthusiasts in Houston speak of black, shadowy figures who wander along Patterson Street at night.

One woman decided to approach one of the robed figures while a friend of hers watched from the car.

When the friend returned she seemed very quiet and peculiar.

She committed suicide the following morning.

Rumor has it that she has not been the first after attempting to communicate with the shadow beings.

Supposedly a trio of psychics chatted with her.

The result is unknown.

3) Bragg Road – Saratoga

Bragg Road in Saratoga, Texas is beyond the pale, and will leave you pale in the face if you encounter one of the countless spirits.


When most people seek to visit the legendary ghost lights of Bragg Road, they see strange floating orbs in the sky at most.

However, for one family who visited in 2015, their experience was far more terrifying.

They claim that the light swooped into their car and transported them some place they had never been before.

When they arrived back home they suffered temporary amnesia, and could not recall where they had been for the last three days of their disappearance.

2) West 7th Street – Port Arthur

West 7th Street makes the rest of Port Arthur, Texas seem tame.

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Some residents of Port Arthur believe that the headless woman of West 7th Street was decapitated during a freak collision on the railroad tracks in town.

However, one historian claims that the ghost is in fact a woman who lived in town for years with her husband until he decided to murder her.

Before he brought the axe down on her neck, she swore to him she would come back to haunt him.

After her husband’s descent into madness and suicide six months after her death, the woman likes to wander aimlessly down the street, headless.

1) Devil’s Backbone – East Texas Hill Country

The Devils Backbone is a notorious stretch of land, and one of the most dangerous in East Texas.


This rugged country road is said to be haunted by numerous spirits, including a battalion of Confederate soldiers who are typically spotted walking along the road just after sunset.

When a tourist saw the apparitions and attempted to speak with one, the tourist watched in horror as the soldier turned toward him and slowly began to disintegrate into ash right before his eyes.