7 Simple Steps That Release Your Psychic Power

7 Simple Steps That Release Your Psychic Power

Have you ever wondered if you have real psychic power?

You probably have a strong intuition about your psychic ability.

Perhaps you’ve had experiences that make you wonder if you’re clairvoyant.

It’s possible to release your abilities with just a few steps.

One of the easiest, and most fun, ways to release your psychic power is with the use of Zener cards.

A deck of Zener cards has five symbols, and you try to guess the symbol on the card when someone else is looking at it.

The symbols are a circle, a cross, wavy lines, a square, and a star.

– Updated 2/11/2020

Releasing Your Psychic Power with Zener Cards

1) Choose a sender and an experimenter

1 - eyes psychic power

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The sender is the person who looks at the cards.

The subject—you—is the one who guesses.

The experimenter is like a referee, making sure you’re not getting some unconscious hints or clues from the person holding the cards.

These hints may be something you don’t arrange or necessarily want, but it could screw things up.

You’d hate to have bad results that mislead you into thinking you have more psychic power than you actually do.

2) Set up the experiment

2 - Telepathy - psychic power

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The sender should be seated twenty to thirty feet from the subject.

If you have cubicles or two relatively small rooms, the sender could be in one room and the subject in another.

Otherwise, you, the subject, might be in one room with your sender outside the door.

While you will still want an experimenter, this situation will greatly cut down on any cues you might be getting from your sender.

In this situation, there’s no chance of your seeing the cards.

If only one room is possible, you can sit facing completely away from your sender.

3) Have the experimenter shuffle

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There are 25 cards in the deck, five with each symbol.

You may wish to shuffle a few times as you work your way through the deck with several guesses.

4) Concentrate

4 - Telekenisis - Psychic Power

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It’s best to be in a quiet room and/or in a situation that is free of distractions.

While you don’t have to go through any elaborate ritual, briefly clear your mind and allow energies to coalesce.

You are trying to communicate with the images on the cards, and communication requires some mental attention.

5) Guess the cards and keep score

5 - sky psychic power

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The experimenter should keep an accurate account of how many cards you guess correctly.

Be sure to not get discouraged if you have a few early misses.

6) Evaluate your results

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Random guesses should lead you to get results that average out, over many trials, to roughly 20% correct.

Therefore, you have some degree of psychic power if your correct rate is roughly 55% or more.

Note that you should feel a good degree of certainty in your determination of the symbol on each card.

The clearer the symbol is in your mind—with a correct answer, of course—the more confident you can be that you do in fact have some psychic abilities.

You also may experience some improvement, as your abilities come into sharper focus.

The more you practice the stronger your abilities will become.

7) Verify and replicate results

7 - Eye - psychic power

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You can’t just do a trial or two, come up with a 56% response rate and conclude you have psychic power.

Likewise, if you get results of roughly 30-40% the first couple of times, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have no abilities whatsoever.

It’s important to vary the conditions to some extent.

This can include sometimes testing in the middle of the day and sometimes when you are tired at night or have just awoken in the morning; testing in various rooms; even testing with different senders.

Your Next Step

You now know exactly how to release your psychic power.

Your next step is to buy a pack of Zener Cards to unleash your abilities.

Then let us know your results!