Psychic Children: 5 Surefire Signs Your Child is Psychic

Ready to discover the truth about psychic children?

Ready to discover the truth about psychic children?

Infants and children are far closer to the spiritual realm than adults.

Babies often seem captivated by invisible entities, which lead parents to think there’s something else going on.

After a few months, this ability usually fades.

For some kids, though, the ability to tap into the spiritual plane never fully retreats.

These psychic children have an ability that many in our society dismiss as nonsense.

Instead of ignoring your child’s psychic talents, you should nurture them.

– Updated 10/11/2019

5 Unmistakeable Signs Your Child Has Psychic Abilities

1) Imaginary Friends

If your child speaks to an imaginary friend, it might actually be a spirit.

If your child speaks to an imaginary friend, it might actually be a spirit.

There is a host of reasons certain kids could create an imaginary friend, and many of them have nothing to do with being psychic.

Only children, for instance, are more likely to have an imaginary friend since they don’t have any siblings with which to play.

These commonly take the form of inanimate objects like stuffed animals and dolls.

If you see your child speaking with an imaginary friend – one that’s not tied to an object – they may be talking to their spiritual guide.

Many psychic children can tap into the spirit world and talk with their spiritual guides at a young age.

Imaginary friends aren’t definitive on their own, but if your child expresses more than one of these elements, they’re likely psychic.

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2) Communication With Deceased Loved Ones

Does your child talk about dead loved ones?

Does your child talk about dead loved ones?

Another way to tell if your child is psychic is if they talk to or talk about a dead relative they’ve never met.

If they mentioned something specific about their grandfather who died before they were born, you shouldn’t dismiss this as childhood imagination.

Multiple stories have made the news in the past of children talking to the dead.

Skeptics will say the families are making things up for attention, but for every story, the media covers hundreds go unreported.

3) Remembering Past Lives

There are several famous stories of children who remember their past lives.

Parents reach out to the media and tell them that their child believes he or she used to be somebody else.

In many cases, these children remember small details about their previous life that would be too intricate to invent on their own completely.

Watch this video of a 3 year old sharing details of his past life and identifying his murderer:

While these cases are rare, they are one way to tell that your child is psychic – or at least has some form of psychic ability.
They can connect to their past life through their spiritual journey.

Sometimes these psychic children remember enough for adults to determine exactly who they were before they were reincarnated.

4) Increased Sensitivity

Some psychic children are hyper sensitive.

Some psychic children are hyper sensitive.

Since intuitive children are more in tune with their surroundings than the rest of us, they’re often hypersensitive to the environment.

A lot of extra stimuli like loud noises can disrupt and upset them.

If your child throws a fit when you take him or her to a crowded place, this might be because they’re spiritually gifted.

One of the best ways to help a spiritually sensitive child is to let them relax in a quiet environment every day.

Coloring, writing, and other peaceful activities will help them focus and recharge for experiences in the outside world.

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5) Enhanced Instincts

Intuition is a sign of spiritual enhancement in any individual, especially kids.

Children aren’t known for realizing what’s best for them, but psychic children often have an enhanced ability to tell fact from fiction.

We tell a host of white lies to our children – almost always with their best interest at heart.

If your child sees right through these falsehoods, there’s a good chance they have some psychic abilities.

Psychic children know when something isn’t right, and act accordingly.

Does your child display signs of heightened intuition?

Does your child display signs of heightened intuition?

Conclusion: Your Psychic Child

If you see your child expressing one or more of these signs, chances are they have some psychic abilities.

These abilities often fade away through societal stigma and pressure.

As a parent, though, you should nurture these intuitive tendencies.

They will serve your child well as he or she grows into an adult.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a parent of an intuitive child is refusing to believe what they’re experiencing.

In many ways, their experiences are more pure and valid than that of an adult.

They have the advantage of viewing the world without any predetermined notions.

Learn all you can about your child’s psychic abilities, so you’re best equipped to give them everything they need.

Intuition of this magnitude should be celebrated, not hidden.